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Gravure printing process need to pay attention to several aspects of the experience

by:WenJie     2020-04-05
1, determine the printing way is table printing or in print before printing, first is to determine the printing way table printing or in print. Determine the types of membrane was determined, and then on the basis of distinguishing corona treatment, determine the type of the plate cylinder is the version or the original; The different types of diluent option for printing ink. 2, to determine the appropriate temperature and relative humidity if printing workshop temperature, relative humidity is easy to cause print has spread to the back stick, fade, color, adhesion, and poor fastness problems, serious when still can make ink decomposition, not on the color printing. If printing workshop environment is too dry, in the case of fast printing speed, will generate static electricity, make the ink on the film winding; In the case of printing speed is slow, and can make the print surface luster, no dry edition, paste version. In general, printing workshop temperature control at 18 ~ 25 ℃, relative humidity control in 55% ~ 75% advisable. 3, the positioning of the plate cylinder to ensure that the balance plate cylinder balance depends on the printing equipment and the version of the drum itself, as well as the restriction of the installation conditions. When installation, make sure the location of the plate cylinder of of all kinds, and installed firmly. Position should be according to the version of line on the plate cylinder to determine the length of the plate cylinder. For without slotting plate cylinder, be sure to tighten the screws. 4, properly adjust the impression cylinder pressure embossing roller is not smooth, there will be a problem such as printing & packaging, color uneven. If the impression cylinder pressure is too large, the print pattern will appear such problems as unclear, no ghosting, luster; If the impression cylinder pressure is too small, and there will be a shallow network transfer part of the network is not good, writing is not clear. When this happens, should switch to high quality impression cylinder, also adjust the good impression cylinder pressure. 5, adjust the scraping knife scraping blade Angle and the Angle between the plate cylinder general control in 45 ~ 65 & deg; , according to the accurate Angle nets hole depth and printing speed for further adjustment. Adjustment should be paid attention to during the process of scraping blade and the distance between impression cylinder to match the printing speed. At the same time, but also to the scraping blade to the appropriate pressure, the size of the pressure may, according to the depth of the plate mesh point, dieyin color series such as to adjust the specific situation. 6, work adjustment ink viscosity ink viscosity, on the one hand, to consider the printing speed, if the printing speed, select type quick dry thinners; If the printing speed is slow, should choose slow dry thinners. , on the other hand, in the printing process to replenish volatilize diluent, complement the best mixed with the ink and then add to the ink fountain, to ensure the consistency of printing & packaging quality. 7, tension control requirements in order to facilitate the printing and improve printing speed, we in the gravure press on discharging points each installed a set of material, magnetic powder tension control system for automatic tension control. Some high-grade gravure press also installed in the various groups of tracking and computer automatic control system. Don't have a computer for matching color printing machine system, rely on artificial to adjust the tension of various group. In the process of adjusting to comprehensively consider the matching problem of printing speed and tension. 8, drying system adapted to drying system affects the speed of gravure press, from single oven to double oven or multi-function oven, bake road, no matter what kind of drying system, its main effect is the same: it is to improve the speed of the printer; The second is to improve the ink on the surface of the film, adhesion fastness, make the ink thinner, thoroughly dry, prevent false stem, produce peculiar smell after back to glue or bag. Drying system, therefore, should cooperate with the speed of the printer is good, good grasp of the equipment of hot air and adjusted appropriately, then according to the size of the printed surface area to adjust the temperature of the oven and air volume.
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