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Gravure prepress proofing methods is introduced

by:WenJie     2020-04-05
Proofing is cohesion between prepress production and printing process, allow the user to see the final print before printing effect. Now that is commonly used in gravure industry proofing methods mainly include soft proofing, traditional proofing and digital proofing. A soft, soft proofing proofing are implemented on the color display, is undoubtedly the most convenient and fast, a sampling method is the cheapest, requires color display higher precision, and must be properly calibrated. Soft proofing way obvious deficiency is: low resolution, only 72 dpi; The accuracy of the color depends on the display performance and calibration; Can't provide the back of the printing & packaging process may refer to a hard copy. Second, the traditional proofing, there are two most common ways of traditional gravure proofing, is a kind of intaglio proofing, get sample color accurate, reference is high, but this way of proofing requires grinding, electric carving, electroplating process, such as high machining accuracy requirements for plate cylinder, plating cost is high, the process is complex, so this way of proofing production costs are high, cycle is long, at least a day. Another way is to offset printing proofing, need to output film and plate burning, then on the offset printing proofing machine to complete the proofing. Part while this approach can reduce production costs, but because of the different offset and gravure technology, proofing effect is put in bigger difference, lack of density and the equal level of color honestly. The advantages of the traditional proofing mainly include the following: 1, the making craft of proofing version and print more close. 2, proofing and printing use the same grid data, through the proofing can discover potential problems, such as turtles profiling, format and font problem. 3, in the color and metal color proofing, to trap and ink opacity to perform well. The shortcoming of traditional proofing mainly include the following: 1, high technical content, need to have a sample of professional and technical personnel to obtain accurate, and the intensity of labor is larger. 2, need high investment. 3, involved in the process, the cost is higher, processing cycle is long. Three digital proofing, digital proofing technology is completely controlled by digital, changed the past complex printing production process, and reduce the cost. And the stability of plate making and printing quality greatly improved. In gravure plate-making process that don't need to use film, digital proofing is a more appropriate proofing method. Digital proofing technology has very mature, fully able to meet the needs of gravure plate making. Gravure plate-making of design elements for graphics, images, more and more with the color, it mainly depends on the color of the display color than multi-color overprint more uniform, more gorgeous, and has good stability, and used in the graphics and text part of the white color can reduce the difficulty of alignment. As a result, the intaglio printing & packaging digital proofing can be evaluated, inspection proofing system accuracy of the color reduction is the key. Digital proofing technology in addition to can meet general four color proofing, in view of the support ability is becoming more and more perfect color, such as professional digital proofing system for color overprint and trap, color control, the color of transparency level transition gravure process often encounter the problems such as to provide a good solution. The advantages of digital proofing mainly include the following: 1, do not need to output film or plate cylinder, in shortening the production cycle at the same time, also can reduce the cost. 2, based on a sample of inkjet technology production usually quality more stable. 3, digital proofing is an important part of digital printing, its unique stability can provide the standard for the entire printing & packaging process, provide powerful guarantee for the improvement of printing quality. The disadvantage of digital proofing mainly include the following: 1 some digital proofing system cannot ensure that the integrity of the document data. 2, which has the function of processing mesh adjustable digital proofing system need high cost. 3, the color and metal color cannot be accurately reproduce, have to use a particular system. Needless to say, with the continuous development and improvement of color management technology, the digital proofing will reflects a greater advantage in the printing process, and the dominant.
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