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Golden silver color printing application characteristics

by:WenJie     2020-08-28

designer and printing & packaging printing plant in order to achieve more expressive design effect in packaging and printing process often need a few color printing process. The most common golden silver printing.

gold and silver ink printed don't referred to as 'gold or silver, belong to the metallic ink, its characteristic is elegant, color saturation, wide application. Of gold and silver ink there are two main components: pigment ( Colour) And link ( Ink oil) 。

in the gold ink pigment known as & other; Gold & throughout; , is actually made up of copper and zinc alloy made by certain proportion of flaky powder, gold powder 85%, if the copper content in red gold ink, traditionally known as the red gold; If zinc in 20% Gold ink is between 30% green, commonly known as the green gold; Between the red gold and green gold called green red gold.

and silver ink pigment is aluminium, is made up of 65% of the flaky aluminum powder and 35% of the volatile hydrocarbon solvent composition, the proportion of aluminium powder pigment is small, easy to float in a liquid, the link is used for the gold and silver ink is a special kind of oil ink. Commonly referred to as the golden oil or the silver oil, main ingredient is oil, resin, organic solvent, auxiliary materials, etc.

due to the unique metallic luster, gold and silver ink for many years has an important role in the printing industry, gold, silver ink printing in practice and technological innovation, constantly golden gorgeous, elegant, add joy to print and the gorgeous flavor. And silver to show the simple but elegant noble also get more designers and businesses chasing sticks. A full version of the common local combination of gold and silver, gold, silver, gold or silver color as dieyin four-color, etc. Used in the picture album, gift printing & packaging, tea packaging, greeting CARDS, business CARDS, hardcover books, calendars, desk calendar, etc.

printed gold and silver in the printing process is difficult to control the quality of the finished product in the first place, because the gold ink, silver ink particles than other ink pigment particle coarse, cause the printing paper with gold. Silver ink adhesion is poor, tiny oxidation conjunctival reaction will happen at the same time, the influence of ink adhesion, in the process of dry pigment particles precipitate easily from the links of material, produce not firm adhesion phenomenon, if the other colors of ink and imprinted into gold, silver ink, due to their own sex, easy to stick at the bottom of the ink, printed false or thief.

need to add that there is a difference between golden silver printing and hot stamping silver pressed, printing gold need to single out just one set of films, indicate the color, the color channel normal printing can be. Tipping not only need to single out a set of films, but also need to make hot stamping plate. We won't do specific detail.

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