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Gift box color box custom need to pay attention to what issues?

by:WenJie     2020-09-03
Trill, live, small video now there are a lot of very hot snack box color box, usually this snack box color box to customize what kind of? If you snack brand manufacturers or electricity, so can be customized through online to find color box manufacturers, if not online, you can also contact packaging production for you.

general merchants online customization, you need to provide the style of the box, box size, paper material, paper knife chart, etc. , on the surface of printing documents need to be detailed. requirements is not high, of course, can be directly to find online sample through simple design can contact the factory for mass production. The customers are generally small batch customization, or is purely a carton printing & packaging, only do packaging transportation to use, do not need to customize the very standard carton printing & packaging. , of course, if you are pure electric business brands or businesses may pay attention to advertising, on the surface of the carton printing can also be pay attention to adopt various kinds of process quality performance.

snacks color box custom need to pay attention to what issues? 1. snack varieties of type, size, etc. , need not to need to interior partition or nested, etc. 2. Physical packaging requirements of color box, such as some shock resistance to fall off, such as fire prevention performance requirements. 3. Color printing & packaging need in color box gift box, the surface process, selection of box type any special process. 4. Customized delivery and after-sale protection, etc. , is a problem we care about.

most of the color box manufacturer of custom is not include packaging processing services, thus making good color box sent to the customer, let customers make their own simple folding type/combination, then fill the product inside. If it is need lining, of course, this two kinds of circumstances, if it is to use the same color box paper material lining, when custom manufacturers together to help you to do it. Another is to use other material lining, the merchants need to purchase or package to fix it for you, but if it is need glue to do modelling will be calculated and the manual cost.

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