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Gansu province to build the first printing and packaging industry industrial park - Northwest printing cultural industrial park

by:WenJie     2020-04-15
As economic and cultural center of northwest gansu province, the geographical position is superior, rich in resources, traffic developed, merchants gathered, industry, agriculture, equipment manufacturing industry, the pharmaceutical industry as well as a variety of products processing industry developing rapidly, for the development of printing and packaging industry has provided a broad space. According to incomplete statistics, all kinds of size printing and printing & packaging & packaging companies in the province nearly more than 1000, but most of the production is given priority to with the traditional printing and packaging enterprises can't form a unified platform for the industry, lead to resources cannot integration support and there is no corresponding industry chain. As profits decline, shrinking orders, market downturn, rising prices of raw materials and labor costs rising, enterprises are rising rents, the rental terms will be to, hard to find, and factory area units such as the status quo, printing and packaging industry in general has become a small profit status, combined with a hit from new media, digital printing, etc, are restricts the survival and development of traditional printing and packaging industry, this is very tiny living environment will become more limited, how to break through the difficulties in printing and packaging industry is imminent. So under the form of market environment, printing and packaging industry urgently need to be able to provide its own workshop a whole property, and has complete facilities, professional industrial park to agglomeration development. For this case, the peak group YingShi Yu, printing and packaging industry clustering, scale construction & throughout; The idea, bend force makes the first printing and packaging industry in gansu industrial park & ndash; — Northwest print culture industrial park, the park covers an area of about 270 mu, building area of about 250000 ㎡, with fashion, art, creative & throughout; For features, create the park and around three kilometers of printing and packaging culture industry corridor. Northwest printing cultural industrial park by the creative research and development, new media, publishing, exhibition display, packaging decoration, printing supplies center, electrical business operations such as area, build modern publication, display trade, consulting, training, communication, culture, leisure, electric commerce is easy to be one of the characteristic park, thoroughly solve the printing and packaging enterprises are not concentrated, difficulty is not standard, the extensive growth mode, the equipment investment, technological innovation ability insufficiency, the competitiveness is not strong, the unbalanced development, the overall benefits of the difficult problem, in the park as a powerful backing, boost the rapid development of enterprises in the park. Northwest printing cultural industrial park through scientific planning and marketing operation, the different types of printing and packaging enterprises agglomeration and play linkage effect, actively guide printing and packaging industry to develop in the direction of specialization, costliness, change, break through the printing & packaging and packaging industry low-end business model, promote the traditional printing & packaging and packaging industry shifts rapidly to the chain link, the formation of printing and packaging industry links and facilities, effective concentration, integration and sharing of social resources, to achieve intensive expansion of printing and packaging industry, optimize the printing and packaging enterprises specialization degree and scale, strengthen the scale effect in the market competition and brand influence. With the development of the northwest print culture industrial park, printing and printing & packaging will foster a batch of leading enterprises, build new silk road economy with advanced printing and packaging industry area, built in the northwest, leading the national first-class printing and packaging industry park, promote the healthy development of printing and printing & packaging industry.
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