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Fruit packaging design difficult problem?

by:WenJie     2020-08-29

we know for the south, the fruit is not short of, basically all the year round supply of fresh fruit, but for now our fresh cold chain market, long-term sales of fruit storage and transport problems still remain difficult to conquer. Fruit in the packaging design & other; Fresh & throughout; Is a big problem.

fruit preservation is the basic demand, is also important, we should not only consider to transport time and fruit mature time, the current domestic express cold-chain 7 days can reach the domestic long-distance transmission. For compressive strength, easy to rot fruit species under atmospheric pressure is difficult to ensure freshness, strawberry, for example, Yang mei, litchi, etc. In order to keep the fresh taste, we need to do work on fruit packaging design is a lot.

fruit preservation techniques have a variety of packaging design, common is the chemical and physical preservation, mainly has the critical low temperature and humidity preservation, intercellular structured modified atmosphere, ozone water modified atmosphere, low doses of radiation pretreatment fresh preservation, high-pressure preservation, gene engineering, cell turgor pressure regulation, coating, modified atmosphere, etc. Here I am not say clear, interested friends can go to search the Internet.

mentioned above measure to control its purpose lies in three convenient fruit preservation is not easy to decay: 1. Control the aging process, generally by control of the respiration; 2. Control of microorganisms, mainly by control of corruption; 3. To control the internal moisture to evaporate, mainly through the control of the environmental relative humidity and moisture of structured to achieve between cells.

the north fruit transportation are common foam printing & packaging & packaging + ice packs. This kind of packaging in the aquatic transportation is also very common. But such disadvantages as fruit packaging design, the packing size, weight is also large. So the high cost of transportation. Relatively high price of fruit or beneficial. But for ordinary fruit cost is unbearable. If it is stress in apple, pear, etc are commonly used are packed in cartons. General boxes of fruit cartons packaging costs are high, but the cartons transport costs low, relative to the economy. More suitable for a variety of fruit and a lot of fruit storage transport, is more suitable for holiday gifts, convenient to carry.

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