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Fruit color box custom colour design how to choose?

by:WenJie     2020-09-04

fruit is current color in the color box custom demand higher category, like cosmetics, on the packaging of the colorful degree and high accuracy requirement and standard. In the industry ideal accuracy basic are in the range of 0. 02. But due to the quality of paper, printing & packaging, printing & packaging materials and other influence factor is much and complicated, in the different batches of fruit color box set of manufactured goods, the general basic color deviation can maintain more than 95. is controlled in 98, there is no factory can do the same. Of course, this refers to the machine inspection results. Does not mean we are naked eye to observe the results.

what fruit color box custom colors and patterns to choose? General color is very important, the color of the high cold although not let a person feel humble, but demand for some warm feeling of people also is not very friendly. We buy some gift to send relatives and friends, for example, always choose some more festive color. This is in accordance with our living habits. Warm color gives a person a sense of fulfillment. Choose pattern as far as possible in order to depict producer, such as planting process is given priority to, so overall performance will be have the pictures, also very image.

if in holiday gifts for the main sales selling point, then on the color box custom design to have a holiday atmosphere and characteristics, such as litchi arbutus drive sold in the Dragon Boat Festival, on the design can be combined with traditional festival activities to design. Christmas Eve to sell apple color box custom is a good example. In addition to the Mid-Autumn festival assembling printing & packaging & packaging and so on.

most of the designers will be in the fruit itself color to design. Lychee is based on white and red, green. Yang mei USES the red and green, assembling with golden yellow, green, etc. Some fruit color box custom designers prefer photo effect:

others is to use the stick sketch:

USES cartoon elements are:

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