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Four kinds of whether UV ink completely curing method

by:WenJie     2020-04-20
1, pencil hardness test all UV ink has the pencil hardness of the technological conditions used in this part, according to the requirement, we use pencil hardness tester to test, if required, Usually for 3 ~ 4 h) Then prove that the ink has been completely cured. 2, with drops of solvent method test same as above, the technical conditions of UV ink solvent resistance project, according to the solvent resistance of the propionic acid solution drops in the plate after 2 min, prove fully cured without change. Because ink cured completely, can change the internal structure of molecular in the double bond conversion, convert high curing was completely, then ink fastening the coating layer of the overall form. 3, the pressure to test this method was due to the detection method of the coating. Choose a flat-bottom 500 g weight, put a few silk cotton fiber on the surface of the UV curing, then weight 2 ~ 3 min on cotton silk fiber, and then remove the weight, if the cotton silk fibers don't stick on the surface of the surface completely cured. 4, observing appearance completely curing UV ink has a shining surface, and there is no wool phenomenon, no shadow, which is to determine ink one of the important characteristics of solidified completely. Of course, many in the long-term production of UV ink performance, working environment, working conditions, equipment performance and application of the results obtained by experience, is a precious treasure, but today, with the constant development of science and technology, how to make valuable experience and scientific practical combination will become the industry's development direction. Combining the usual experience and testing to determine whether completely curing would be more accurate.
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