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Four kinds of common printing way how to choose the puzzle

by:WenJie     2020-04-01

print different demands, it is necessary to choose different ways of printing puzzle, here are four common printing puzzle mode: single-sided; Since the turn; Big rolls; Buckle version. 4 ways each have each advantage, choose the actual situation flexible use.

single only applies to those who need to be printed one side, Most is positive) Print, its characteristic is: a set of printing blocks, single-sided printing, a bite, such as posters, stickers, etc.

since the positive and negative turn applies to those who need printing of small width printed matter, its features are: a set of printing blocks, double-sided printing, a bite, such as DM single, small posters, CARDS, magazines, books, etc.

big rolls is also called the roll over ( Commonly known as snowballing usury) , since is a form of doubling, its features are: a set of printing blocks, double-sided printing, two bite, such as hanging flags, magazines, books, etc.

button version is due to the wide, paper, printing machines, the limitation of various factors such as cost, after the process, some need to spell buckle printing double-sided printing products, features are: two sets of plate, double-sided printing & packaging, a bite, such as brochures, magazines, books, etc.

print puzzles (must not be underestimated. Printed puzzle is to finished good individual files on the surface of the Mosaic for computer print process. This is design files into hair piece ( Or CTP) The key printing process. Appropriate way of puzzle can optimize technological process, save costs and reduce the labor intensity of workers. On the other hand, the wasted effort, pesters.

in the process of printing also note printing pressure and printing plate relationships: the greater the pressure, the greater the friction, if too much friction, the plate plate printing rate will drop resistance, printing pressure is the leading cause of plate printing resistance rate. Therefore, in the principle of offset lithography has two small & throughout; , a small is: under the premise of the normal transfer of images, printing & packaging pressure should be as small as possible. The other is a small adjustment education version fluid with the minimum amount of fluid for contend with ink on the plate.

at the same time also pay attention to the relationship between printing & packaging pressure and machine maintenance: offset press operation is to rely on two important parts of the bearing and transmission, bearing and gear, and excessive printing pressure will increase their load, causing wear speed up. process, requires three roller gear ratio between KVL equally, with isometric speed transmission, thus ensuring the accuracy of the roller gear and meshing correctly, after the drum gear wear, from a tooth transmission under a tooth, will generate the impact and noise, reflect on the print, there will be vibration trace and local friction, and bar, dot deformation, ghosting, etc.

every printing press manual with detailed maintenance, to make a clear day, week, month, quarter, year maintenance plan, and strictly implemented, so as to ensure normal operation, improve the production efficiency. Many printing enterprise HuoYuan much because at that time the interests, give up the equipment maintenance and maintenance, it can cause fatal damage to the machine, do more harm than good.

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