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Food can completely replace the plastic packaging carton paper bag packing?

by:WenJie     2020-09-06

we know that the most serious environmental problems, many times in our life is inseparable from the plastic printing & packaging products, but for now our plastic packaging was both love and hate in the food industry. The advantages of plastic packaging also brought environmental pollution at the same time, a lot of difficult to decompose the plastic products cause the destruction of the ecological system, make our living environment is more and more bad. Therefore, is constantly developing, we also have the relative measures to reduce the use of plastic packaging, especially in the research and development of plastic printing & packaging & packaging alternatives, such as the use of food carton paper bags instead of plastic bags and the use of plastic boxes.

so in the future development of our food on earth can completely replace the plastic packaging carton paper bags? This is a mystery of the unknown. In the food industry to occupy nearly 25% of plastic packaging, as long as it is use can produce garbage, not easily corrupt plastic eliminated by people is the inevitable trend. Use paper packaging can effectively reduce the use of plastic and waste, carton paper bags just 3 - in the natural decomposition Four months, while plastic need nearly 70 - In 80. As the package of paper mainly comes from bamboo timber, is green environmental protection packing materials.

packing since the 70 s has been based on the paper printing & packaging, constantly create a new way of packing. At present, we adopt environment-friendly materials and box packing is our common quality in the food industry. We have long term cooperation with traditional food processing enterprise, constantly absorb new elements in the development of food carton paper bag packaging design, resulting in the more traditional food, skill more carry forward traditional diet.

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