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Flexo advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of plate making system analysis

by:WenJie     2020-04-14
In the flexible printing market has experienced only one plate making system s, now we have three options, they are traditional plate-making system, single source plate-making system and digital plate-making system. The selection of these systems depends on the end user to the requirement of quality. Traditional plate-making system USES a row of light through the negative of photosensitive resin plate exposure, this is the most widely used since molded rubber version of the plate making process. Careful operation can produce high quality plate, but because of printing machine Settings and plate wear, its network structure is easy to produce serious network increases, but also difficult to guarantee small highlights when printed to achieve the required printing quality. Single light source design system is based on the traditional plate-making system further development. As its name implies, it is to use a single light source through the negative of photosensitive resin version of exposure. A single light source can make the plate for better network structure, make the network more sophisticated, more different Angle of the wall. The result is the node value decreases when printing, plate of extended service life. One of the biggest advantages of this system is the current all negative will still be able to use. Digital imaging system is a new invention of plate-making process. This process is to laser irradiation to the photosensitive resin plate on a layer BoMeng version on the plate making direct imaging. This direct plate-making process has the advantages of the two aspects, the first is due to no longer use negative exposure imaging, can obtain more delicate branches; Followed by the image part of the plate height is lower, thereby gaining ground printing & packaging more real impression, and don't affect the combination plate mesh on the adjustable image printing.
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