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Export tax rebates have any impact on the domestic printing and packaging industry

by:WenJie     2020-04-05
Background data: the Ministry of Finance, state administration of taxation jointly issued on March 27, concerning the goods export tax rebates for textiles such as electronic information notice, clear from April 1, 2009, the textile and garment export tax rebates by 15% to 16%, this is since August 2008, the state 4 consecutive increase export tax rebates.

export goods back ( Exemption) Tax, export tax rebates for short, its basic meaning is refers to the refund on export goods in domestic production and circulation of real pay product tax, value-added tax, business tax and extra consumption taxes. Export tax rebate is to export goods in each link of indirect tax paid returned to domestic enterprises. So, the policy adjustment in printing and printing & packaging industry and what impact? For the development prospects of China printing & packaging printing industry in 2009, according to the association's survey: at present, the domestic market of printing & packaging and printing enterprise management state basic remain stable. Some enterprises to adjust the business strategy, than the same period of last year's sales have increased; But already loss-making enterprises, in the current situation is difficult to reverse. This time, the country's export tax rebate policy is put forward. In terms of printing & packaging industry, printing enterprise increasingly fierce competition, printing wages is more and more low, printing rising raw material prices, rising production costs & hellip; … On the surface, the news for manufacturers engaged in related products export trade, is a small positive, at the very least will give them in order to bring a few percentage points of additional profit. But for companies suffer reduced demand for exports, this a few percentage points also is a drop in the bucket. Related data, the author thinks that, although the increase of export tax rebates will help improve China's relevant profit margins, but its pull function on the export of questionable, especially in the international market continue to slump, the price drop is greater than the situation of the domestic market. Worldwide printing orders are greatly reduced the situation will not change because of the tiny adjust the prices of Chinese products, so the export tax rebate will not bring substantial stimulus to exports. Premier wen jiabao pointed out that in the last year's crisis: winter approaching, we have the key to confidence! The author thinks that the the most important thing is that the adjustment of export tax rebate to enhance the confidence of entrepreneurs' production and operation, even for part of the small businesses have the effect of coming back to life. But at the same time we should also be soberly aware that supported by tax rebates profit margins in the short term may win the chance of survival and development for enterprises, but not a long-term solution, only make full use of current slowed in the economic operation situation, grasping the opportunity to actively promote the transformation and upgrading, to strengthen the international competitiveness of enterprises, win the long-term benign development.

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