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Europe and the United States food packaging regulations, standard definition

by:WenJie     2020-04-13
The eu has always been strict with food contact materials and products, in 2013, Denmark Greenland to keep in line with the eu food contact materials and products regulations, recently issued the 'notice of Greenland food contact materials, notify the amendment in the terms of the basic execution eu food contact regulations. Below to learn about foreign set some regulations about food packaging. FDA regulations FDA regulation, all packaging contact materials cannot contain carcinogens, enterprise must pass the test, to ensure that their packaging materials do not contain banned substances, and the testing data and corporate commitment in written to the contract, and bear legal responsibility. Those trying to open the international market and, therefore, is engaged in food, medicine and other packaging of domestic manufacturer, first for his own packaging material for testing, if there is no test condition, is by the other party government approved registration examination organization, test, and the test data and the commitment to write into the contract. Secondly, the domestic enterprises to understand the other country's relevant laws and regulations, because once the package is not in conformity with the contract, will bear the resulting economic losses. In European and American developed countries, and even a few food manufacturers because of packing problem lead to bankruptcy. In addition, the domestic amount of migration of packaging materials by the constraints of a clear, and the European and American countries restrictions on migration total content is clear, for example, 1 kg packing content migration amount must not exceed 60 mg. Based on the definition of the FDA, the packing material is a kind of indirect additives, including the United States CFR21 & throughout; For additives such definition: in use process, printing & packaging & packaging materials may be directly or indirectly into food an ingredient, if not migrated to the food the food packaging materials, it will not become one of the ingredients of food, so also does not belong to food additives. General ink did not involve the regulation of food additives, printed on food printing & packaging outer layer of the ink, if the packaging substrate between ink and food serves as a functional barrier layer, the printing & packaging ink is not belong to indirect food additives. Eu food contact packaging regulations, Britain, Germany, France and Italy and other European countries will each relevant laws and regulations to carry on the summary induction, developed into the eu common applicable food contact packaging laws and regulations, and in the process of perfecting the regulations. Eu such definition for food printing & packaging & packaging materials, most of the laws and regulations are concentrated on the plastic material, glass, metal, in fact is considered to be inert material, even paper, also don't think it is harmful. Eu food contact packaging materials related regulatory framework is ECFrameworkDirective89/109 / EEC, the rules and regulations: food contact packaging materials must conform to the requirements of food manufacturers, under the condition of normal use, food contact packaging material not migrated to foods, thus appeared the following questions: endanger human body health, lead to food composition, it is very difficult to accept change, lead to sour food.
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