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Enterprise sample printing proofing cost 3 elements

by:WenJie     2020-03-29
Element 1: production efficiency, as the name implies, is produced per unit time than the benefits. On the speed of proofing, compared to the time needed for digital leaflet printing is basically a traditional proofing is 50%, the result is more obvious. If the puzzle, plate burning, the time required to print all neglected, unitary proofing action of the single traditional proofing, leaflet printing took an average of 30 to 40 minutes. And the large format printer from precision in the market at present, leaflet printing speed can be controlled within 20 minutes. Element 2: use cost is equipment purchase cost in the first place. The acquisition of a traditional proofing equipment, in addition to must provide supporting plate burning, printing equipment, skilled workers and sizable factory building is also essential. And the market at present a set of high-end inkjet digital proofing equipment, equipped with professional color management software. It into the cost according to the required width is different between 20000 ~ 70000 yuan. Second, the ultimate goal of proofing is in order to obtain the final satisfied printing & packaging effect and add a printing & packaging process. As compared with traditional proofing and digital proofing, the latter is more show unique technical advantages. Traditional proofing process is complicated, to agree with formal printing process, you must first output film, reoccupy after staying PA version of sun proof machine output sample, once the sample obtained in conformity with the needs of customers when you need to start again, tend to cause more waste of materials. Factor 3: comparing traditional proofing quality is half manual operation mode, the output sample in ink quantity control and color master, etc. , to a large extent depends on the level of proofing workers and experience. Is, therefore, a sample of traditional proof press play effect obtained is very unstable. According to the personage inside course of study introduces, in the past the traditional proofing, the same set of film take out proofing respectively, getting results are usually different. Imaging and digital printing because its been automated, so more stable than traditional proofing. Of course, here need to rule out some uncertain factors, such as the print head is stable, whether to need to change frequency forging, or resulting from the use of original ink printer plug.
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