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Empty a problem in the packaging and printing solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-04

1, the pile of paper and paper suction nozzle and the distance between the too big paper suction nozzle in the lowest position on the surface of the pile bottom and distance, tissue paper about 6 ~ 8 mm, about 2 ~ 3 mm thick paper. When paper suction nozzle and paper pile surface when the distance is too large, if the air pump vacuum degree is not enough, is prone to empty.

solution: foot pole length shortening pressure in printing paper, make the points on the surface of the paper suction nozzle and paper pile distance decreased; Adjust the paper suction nozzle bar at the top of the eccentric, reducing the height of the paper suction nozzle.

2, paper, pulling the tail curled downwards because paper dragging tail curled downwards, the mouth blown air is not easy to loose paper in the gaps in the paper and paper. At the same time, the paper suction nozzle down suction paper, paper volume, easy to produce suction nozzle leakage phenomenon, and suck up the paper.

solution: printing paper control points in the adjusting screw on the cylinder, changing the Angle of the paper suction nozzle and underside, so keep in parallel with paper; Paper will move down positive paper processing.

3, paper suction nozzle and the distance between pile face sheet is too big.

solution: printing paper suction nozzle height adjustment. Paper suction nozzle in the lowest position, on the surface of the pile bottom and distance: SZ201 type feed device is about 1. 5mm; SZ206 type feed device is about 5 mm. The paper suction nozzle height, can adjust alone, also can adjust the overall. 4, retaining paper brush is too low or into paper heap too much. Retaining paper brush application to work closely and loose paper blowing his mouth, when loose paper mouth blowing air volume to normal, it can blow the paper edge after about 5 mm high, this is also pile retaining paper brush away from distance. When points paper suction nozzle down suction paper, just touching to blow up the paper, a 2 mm or higher than paper 1. Retaining paper brush pressure too low, can't afford to blow off the paper, which increased the paper suction nozzle and the distance to paper, empty zhang; Retaining paper brush into too much sometimes, paper suction nozzle can absorb paper but also can be brush off, as void.

solution: printing paper brush if elasticity is moderate, should put its height and pile into the distance adjustment to the data as mentioned above.

5, gas blocking gas road blocked most of the produce in suction system. Paper stemming from hair and dust, and mostly jams in suction nozzle pipe and control the piston within a period. Piston because there is oil dirties, paper dust when sucked to it, and by oil stick, and piling up, the last block absorption ethos, caused by insufficient suction and empty.

solution: printing of regular cleaning gas circuit and control piston, rough paper printing machine, should be cleaned once a week.

6, insufficient suction. Due to the suction nozzle and the ink on the rubber band or wear rubber band is broken, and leak caused by insufficient suction when paper absorption, can cause an empty one. Paper suction nozzle is particularly acute.

solution: printing & packaging of strengthening inspection and do the cleaning, especially before a color if it is the ground, print color especially should pay attention to.

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