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Electronic product packaging can be lost?

by:WenJie     2020-09-02

we always lose when buying some electronic product outer packing, is mainly the packing take up of the space, the repeated use of the opportunity to small, so are discarded or sold to collectors. So for these electronic products printing & packaging can lose? We don't have too much to consider. You might say hundreds of a reason to lose packing box, and could not find the necessary preservation box.

there are actually part of a few people, after the purchase of electronic products can save packing box, a box have use value, is to buy a product is uncertain if applicable, preservation box can ensure return and resale value.

there are quite a number of electronic products is FMCG, payback period is shorter, but the recovery period, save electronic product box helps us to resell and return. In particular, some product price is quite high. During the most recycling for 14 - During the 90 days, if you think the product is not applicable or quality problems, most manufacturers support the return. But will ask to return goods keep packing sound. Therefore, we also need to know before buying electronic products after-sales return policy.

in addition, some of the product with high price, we need to keep packing box, for the second after we use hands to better preserve and increase the buyer appeal, compared with the product does not contain printing & packaging & packaging and manual, we have pay more likely. And, of course, is a more sparing electronics buyers, reserved box is for when we do not use the product can back into the box, in order to prevent from dust and dirt.

however, in these cases, we don't have to save the packing box, such as some low price cheap electronic products, some products could not be changed hands, or change hands affects large printing & packaging or not there is no difference between products. Relatively large electronic products packing box can not save. Very occupy space, unless there are other purposes, generally is not recommended.

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