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Electrical appliances more specifications corrugated carton packaging production is not complicated as you think

by:WenJie     2020-08-28

in addition to the commodity products, choose carton printing & packaging & packaging, some small transport vehicles also USES the cartons, we usually use appliances is carton packing. According to industry estimates, the future may be most vegetables also will use carton packaging. So the corrugated carton will probably become a popular product. Refers to the corrugated carton packing box, packaging cartons, color box, color box, etc. , can be regarded as a major player in the packaging industry, this commodity is us domestic circulation field for more than a decade of corrugated cardboard, carton ( Box) The demand is big.

electrical appliances in the corrugated board production packaging drum base paper by limiting the corrugated board, glue, glue, paper separating, crosscutting into standard cardboard, three layers of cardboard refers to a bottom paper layer, a layer of corrugated board, paper, and a level of high-strength corrugated paper and the price is high. General corrugated board are: two, three, five layers, seven layers, such as specifications, our factory mainly produce two, three, five layers cardboard. The corrugated paper board advocate in use cartons if three layers and five layers, high strength if hard corrugated paper board advocate for logistics transportation home appliance packaging, followed by a few large electrical appliances product outer packing carton. Regular small home appliance packaging most USES the three layers, economical corrugated cardboard carton. There is light products using two layers of corrugated, but basically is less. A side are two main layers of corrugated board is kraft paper is corrugated paper, printing & packaging & packaging is not beautiful.

as ordinary single-sided corrugated paper production line generally by web support, single face corrugated board forming machine, rotary paper cutting machine, using web information and potato or corn starch adhesive, continuous production and cut into the required standard of single face corrugated board, produces the cardboard don't have to dry or dry, or cover the glue mixer machine, it can produce more than three layers of home appliance printing & packaging & packaging corrugated board.

two layers of corrugated board production is mainly supported by base paper after stent, the base paper into single machine, overvoltage stare blankly with glue, hitches in single machine processing out of the two layers of corrugated board. Three layers of corrugated board principle on the basis of two layers of paper can be on one level, work process is complex, need to deal with the hot and cold, etc. Five layer corrugated cardboard production is the selection of the tissue paper and good models of corrugated line level, a molding adhesive made from cardboard, because of the need to guarantee electrical appliances packaging five layer corrugated board quality, therefore in the process of production need for a paper, glue and other equipment operation is very skilled and rigorous. So as not to cause degumming, collapse and collapse and so on. Stare blankly type classification: A, C, B, E, F and their combination, such as: AB stare blankly, BC stare blankly, EB stare blankly, etc. According to the shape classification: U, V, UV form; General UV type on the market.

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