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Effect of the pollution problem analysis after printing

by:WenJie     2020-04-19
Effect of pollution can be divided into three stages of coated process pollution after pollution, pollution and waste products. Process pollution at present domestic laminator equipment used by most of domestic equipment, semi-automatic the following product is oily resin coated, more manual labor, personnel from the rubber membrane and closer, but the price of such equipment is low, compare to adapt to the current labor adequate area used by the manufacturer. Oily fumo plastic and thinner in a large number of benzene, alcohols, such as chemical thinners, it smells great, with strong volatility and toxicity, has caused many people in the fields of health damage, both sides of labor disputes and reported in the press, from time to time and due to its chemical properties make it highly flammable, open flame or strong light flammable, is the great hidden danger of fire in the production of the factory. In both cases, the semi-automatic machine to add close manual operation, allow the operator to produce the main dizziness, headache, skin irritation and discomfort, physical allergy to very good is not easy to feel breathing disorders, fatigue, the person that weigh skin muscle atrophy caused by erosion, peripheral neuritis, and even life threatening. Printing enterprise not only consider a problem from the aspects of cost, from the social benefits, health and other aspects into account, take necessary measures to avoid the pollution or reduce the pollution. Factory managers understand the effect of workers are generally not willing to do or do not long, even in a labor surplus, female, under the condition of site is not good looking for work also. Also some factories use frequent substitutions or rotary way to relieve guard, even adopt new hire people to glazing machine work first a few months into the factory method to solve the problem of the personnel of the poisonous and harmful material, but this is not the fundamental way to solve the problem. Product contamination of benzene, alcohols are strong volatile substances, in the film coating process and the product formed in a short period of time most of the volatiles are volatile, but there are a few residues in products, with the extension of storage conditions and storage time and slowly volatilize. The high speed, high efficiency of modern industrial production, making the residue with goods quickly into the hands of the consumers, these residues smell and toxic pollution to a certain extent, the survival environment of consumers and impair the health of consumers. In the whole world is focusing on the product of green environmental protection, pollution-free, non polluting today, this kind of situation have to be changed. Waste pollution as is known to all, paper products can be recycled, and general paper coated paper products after processing factory cannot directly recycling, need artificial separation after processing. If direct waste can cause white pollution is a new species. Because there are many domestic waste paper recycling personnel at present, does not yet exist or not exist of coated paper products waste pollution problem, but such factors of potential is not lost.
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