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Don't trample ray appliance packaging if you encounter these problems

by:WenJie     2020-09-03

home appliance market with each passing day, although affected by the outbreak, the development of our industries lag slightly, but into the second half of the year, have opened in high-speed situation. Our level of innovation of science and technology, intelligent household concept is not only a product, technology is changing our lives. Electrical appliances product also more and more diversified and intelligent, housework is becoming more and more high efficiency, some new types of electrical appliances product by people of different level. For example, sweep the floor machine, dust collector, dryers, dishwashers, etc. , packaging, transport, sales of electrical appliances product has its own characteristics. If home appliances package if you don't ignore the following several problems. Get a packaging expert solutions and Suggestions for you.

( 1) Afraid of collision, squeezing. It makes electrical appliances product external damage, affect the normal use. ( 2) Afraid of damp. After electrical appliances product be affected with damp be affected with damp, forming a stain, a large number of moisture intrusion circuit boards will form a short circuit, or make the metal interface oxidation. ( 3) Afraid of static electricity. Too much static electricity will be wounded in some electronic components, electrical home appliances products forming parts short circuit, may indirectly damage the machine. ( 4) Afraid of dirt, grease. Dust into the current conduction between contact get in the way of circuit boards, pollution internal wiring, affect the internal parts, formation damage.

( 5) Can't stand the heat, high temperature. Overheating in high temperature environment, not only can make the appearance of the electrical appliances product is damaged, also can make some parts of the internal performance is not stable, indirect influence the use function of the products.

the above problems on the packaging material of cannot careless, what should be considered in packaging design, and pay attention to the characteristics of electrical appliances product, through the reasonable structure of printing & packaging & packaging design, to effectively protect the product as the main target, make it has good impact resistance and compressive properties, but also give full consideration to consumers in the convenience of use. If you still worry about how to better to electrical appliances product packing, please call 13530686081 for consultation, packaging, online customer service sincerely for your service.

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