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Don't ignore the influence of printing on carton compressive strength

by:WenJie     2020-04-03

the compressive strength is important for corrugated carton performance evaluation indicators, which refers to empty containers corrugated carton stereoscopic place, put pressure on its two sides evenly, until the body can withstand maximum pressure value when crushing. The factors influencing the compressive strength of corrugated carton including the type of raw materials, carton structure, molding process, logistics factors and so on. Among them, the printing as part of the molding process of the strength of the cartons in the industry has been recognized.

in recent years, with the development of printing technology, the enterprise thinks carton compressive strength is affected by printing more and more small, even can be neglected. , inspection and quarantine departments on the compressive strength of corrugated carton printing before and after the special contrast sampling test, export corrugated carton from nine companies randomly selected recent production printing before and after the carton sample a set of each, a total of nine groups, each group of two samples compared to the paper, the structure, process and storage conditions are the same, the only difference is one of the samples after the current widely used way of flexo printing, another is not printing. Test results showed that 9 sets of data, in addition to a set of printed after the carton had no effect on the compressive strength, the other eight groups after printing the cartons compressive strength to some extent, the influence of the most significant after printing carton compressive strength is decreased 11 before printing. 9%. Visible, printing effect on compressive strength of corrugated carton cannot be ignored.

inspection and quarantine departments to remind relevant enterprises should pay attention to the influence of printing on the carton compressive performance: one is to fully understand the performance of the product printing & packaging & packaging, as well as the requirements of the packing and shipping; 2 it is to determine in advance before production printing way, pressure, size, shape, location and other factors; Three is determined by preliminary proofing the pressure data such as indicators, estimate the influence of printing & packaging on the carton compressive performance may cause; Four is the use of raw material choice of paper, improve the surface offset printing paper or corrugated core paper ratings against the influence of the pressure.

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