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Domestic plate-making equipment, how to make high quality soft plate

by:WenJie     2020-04-07
In the corrugated board production line, under the condition of single machine is quite popular, the focus of the carton industry competition is transferring to printing quality. Improve the quality of carton printing has been carton manufacturers as an important means of improving competitiveness and market share. Carton printing with flexo printing, screen printing, offset printing, Stick a face) Three ways, among them with flexo printing, screen printing is the most common. Carton printing involves paper, cardboard, design, plate making, printing machinery, printing ink and other materials in seven aspects. The vast majority of corrugated carton manufacturers configuration is domestic plate making equipment. The purpose of this paper is to study, after the complete design process is how to plate making equipment made in production of high quality soft plate. Now the domestic sales of the largest domestic equipment mainly in henan, jiangsu, Shanghai and so on several brands. With henan tianma valspar maximum price is relatively higher, and the other pp son plate-making equipment price is low, but the process is simple, it is unable to meet the special requirements of customers. The following is henan tianma company production of TMD 762 flexographic plate maker to make a simple introduction: a main technical characteristics, lithographic machine structure and appearance of plate maker 1, exposure, flushing, in addition to the glue, drying four process used a machine to complete. In order to make high quality exposure possible, this machine is equipped with electronic monitoring system. 2, all the flexible version of the process is done by the operation panel. Operation panel involves key data time, temperature, controlled by the microcomputer components, data accurate, high precision. 3, brush young fine, pretty good, can make 100 line/inch carton printing & packaging dot version and more fine lines and small text. 4, all institutions and the complex surface produced by the nc machining center, technology is reasonable, high precision, long use period. 2, 1, operating procedures after hydrometer test qualified to join the employ accurate wash version of the fluid. 2 and, turning on the power supply voltage is 200 v, the power of 5 kw, soft wire of copper wire is 6 square metre. 3, confirmed by the LED test, UV lamp to light up entirely, then scored exposure drawer, put on flexible version and film adhesion, complex extraction on film, vacuum pumping seven. Close the exposure drawer, accurately the main exposure, exposure. 4, after exposure of the flexible plate with double-sided adhesive on the moving plate, cover the computer cover. According to different requirements, make sure to wash version of the time. Winter your version, version will wash liquid temperature setting 25 c. 5, and spray gun clear sticky resin particles on the plate, with a dropping of paper towels or nylon towel blot liquid on the plate. 6, put into the drying drawer drying, drying temperature was 60 c, time is about 60 min. 7, into the drawer after exposure. 8, in deferrization stuck drawer for optical sticky. Plate-making process all over three, 1 compared with similar imported equipment, automation degree is the gap. Sometimes need to increase the artificial auxiliary action. 2, environmental protection devices also have difference. Need to add auxiliary equipment, such as exhaust fan, etc. 3, the lack of some sensors. Such as washing the version of the determination of viscosity, not random alarm, need to confirm by hydrometer. Zong if above, some visible gap of artificial can be overcome, need to add equipment hundreds of yuan only, but the quality plate on a class, the price is equivalent to 25 to similar imported equipment 30%. Four, special tips in order to obtain high quality plate, the operator, please pay attention to the following: 1, choose high quality plate. On the domestic market at present all kinds of brand of s total plate, but must use price comparison superior performance, according to a process for more than 10 years experience, the writer found that the United States dupont DupontCyrel plate exposure latitude, high initial strength, washing process can be repeated, the personage inside course of study is the preferred version of the material. 2, choose high quality film. Ordinary text, line plate but oneself after copy. Involves color printing image, fine text version must please press center production, complex pieces of density ( Black degrees) In 3. More than 5. Involve the bar code, please provide the film barcode center. 3, often making site version of the image, to replace light tubes. Please choose the philips ( 飞利浦) Tubes, because philips lamp wavelength accuracy, luminous flux. Version 4, often should keep washing liquid freshness, in order to reduce plate moire and pitting. 5, once a week, often change of membrane extraction. China carton net remind everybody, if you can pay attention to the above matters, domestic plate maker is also can make the high quality of printing.
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