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Do the color box color box, the key point to help you choose the power factory

by:WenJie     2020-08-29

1。 Clear to distinguish what is a service company, pre-press, printing, and is entered, they have different printing experience and requirements. We can often contact color box color box printing, understand the printing requirement for archives production, and can provide what kind of color calibration, puzzle, binding, and filing, etc. The printing shop will provide us with different software file. Due to the digital printing is the shorter of the four color printing, cycle short, the total cost is low, so also often require simple and cheap. Some plants use for digital printing simple binding way, while others to cooperate with other binding companies.

although some digital printing can include a connect line subscribes machine cut light, cutting, folding and binding, but these work by another often single machine processing efficiency is high. At the completion of the entire file before design. We need to contact printing factory beforehand, and clearly lists the final modification, folding, binding way.

2。 Look fixed number of year of the qualification. Older color box color box printing & packaging factory, the more raw materials manufacturers have at hand, rather than the emerging enterprises, has a big advantage on price. The cause of the fixed number of year for manufacturers are able to endure at the same time also is to have a complete production process, management system and advanced manufacturing equipment. Now the rise of many new factories have sprung up, at the same time, every year there are a lot of manufacturer to change careers, collapse, due to various problems can survive has its edge. So find a decades focused on this line printers, distance custom quality corrugated box color box success are not far away.

3。 science and technology is the use of the speed of ascension, as long as it is currently in speed faster than others step of the enterprise, competition is not very poor. Follow the growth of science and technology, the technological progress, the color box color box printing & packaging & packaging custom manufacturer is also a demand for rapid design, rapid proofing, production line to meet the needs of party a and the consumer. So when we choose custom packaging manufacturer, custom need to determine the design cycle, from design, proofing, mass production to delivery of the goods. Whether can as soon as possible to achieve our goals, proofing and go into mass production as soon as possible. In the us as the party a and the consumer point of view is a very urgent problem.

in addition, we also need to follow the era of environmental protection green printing & packaging & packaging requirements, the public advocate and the social mainstream, only the green environmental protection health quality and the packing of the products is to make people trust. Food packaging customization. Using environmental protection material and the process of production than the general chamber of commerce of the long-term development of the printing plant has advantages.

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