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Disperse dye printing colour cast the cause and the solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-05

( 1) The color of the computer image processing: six color digital ink jet printing machine with disperse dye printing, the color of the general configuration as: green ( C) ), magenta ( M) , yellow, Y) , black, K) , shallow green, LC) , light magenta ( LM) 。 In the computer digital image, in addition to the direct use of the software design, main equipment input through scanner or digital camera, etc. Either a way to get images, most of the designers used to adopt an RGB color space, namely the image to RGB figure. Before printing, must therefore the RGB to CMYK figure, in order to better adjustment of colour. And the color range of RGB color space is bigger than CMYK color space, so the process of image conversion is a process of color compression. For example, using popular Photoshop image processing software for RGB to CMYK figure transformation, if regardless of the color transfer directly compressed parameters, you will find partial color is very serious. Are usually compressed parameters including gray balance, color ink, black version of the generating set, the maximum black version of the large number of setting options. The set is the key to solve the partial color gray balance. Simple set of ash on the scale parameter step is: making gray-scale map ( RGB figure) 1 deaf 々 into CMYK figure; With digital ink jet printing machine to print on the transfer printing paper, thermal transfer on the fabric; According to the gray-scale chart of slant on fabric color, adjust the RGB to CMYK color compression parameters. Repeat these steps until the fabric on the gray-scale basic unbiased color chart.

( 2) The influence of nozzle and dyes to color printing.

(1) of each nozzle voltage will be slightly different, such as in shower, will be better to redo density curve, otherwise the color will have small differences, but generally negligible.

2. Dyes are greatly influenced by the temperature change. When the room temperature is kept at _ - 20 ~ 25 ℃, the excellent effect is best. If the change of temperature in lh l0 ℃ above, dye up some reaction, discoloration.

(3) before printing, please print test, to ensure that the nozzle is unobstructed. If it is found that the test article is paste, or have large particles drops, nozzle is blocked, this print pattern color will becomes shallow.

(4) dyes has a certain range of colors, in the CMYK color space, and not every kind of colour can restore. Normally we need to print out a series of dye CMYK color card, so you can know that can print color range.

( 3) Heat transfer printing temperature and time on the color of absence made. In front of the heat transfer printing & packaging, transfer printing & packaging paper color must be dry, if not through, part cannot be transferred to the fabric color, fabric color will be lighter. Thermal transfer printing temperature and time have a certain relationship. At high temperature, and time can be shorter accordingly. General observation of printing paper slightly brown, leave the impression of very shallow, color has completely transfer printing & packaging on the fabric.

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