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Direct printing plate of silver halide materials classification

by:WenJie     2020-04-09

system diversity dazzling plate directly, the current appear on the market are mainly silver halide plate and light aggregate, infrared thermal and inkjet plate plate plate four categories.

silver halide materials are mainly silver halide and PS version of the composite plate type, type diffusion plate up and down the diffusion plate three types.

silver halide version directly with PS version of the composite material, which make use of silver halide emulsion layer of high sensitivity and wide range of color finish scanning laser direct imaging of plate material, use the PS version of fine printing & packaging eligibility to complete the requirement of printing process, is a kind of make full use of the mature of silver halide photographic materials and PS plate technology to construct the ingenious combination of plate material directly, in the early stages of the plate appears directly caused a stir.

printing & packaging eligibility and the rate of resistance to seal with the traditional PS version of the same. However, this kind of plate structure is complex, and requires multiple exposure and development ( Fixing) Post-processing, such as cumbersome process. This is the version of the material is difficult to realize the main cause of large-scale industrialization application.

upward diffusion model directly by the version of the base plate, silver halide emulsion layer and physical development. After laser scanning imaging, diffusion imaging.

no exposure area of silver ions upward diffusion, the surface under the action of physical development nuclei back into metallic silver, will become oil-wet surface; Exposure area of the surface remains as the emulsion layer, has good hydrophilicity. This version can be either of the base metal plate materials, such as aluminium, can also be a flexible polymer film base, such as polyester film base, in most cases for flexible polymer film base.

downward diffusion type silver halide materials have good kiss on the surface of the water meter aluminum base, physical development of nuclear layer and silver halide emulsion layer.

after laser scanning imaging, diffusion imaging. Exposure area of silver ions diffusion down, in the underlying physical development under the action of nuclear reduction into metallic silver, will become the final oil-wet surface; Then remove the emulsion layer, the exposure area of hydrophilic version of the base surface exposed to become close water layer. This plate has a very high sensitivity and color range, resistance force is also very high, suitable for high-grade commercial printing & packaging.

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