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Digital products export corrugated box color box of custom find experience manufacturers more appropriate

by:WenJie     2020-08-30

/ 3 c electronic products, digital products in guangdong province was in large part exports, such as some electronic watches, sprayer, sweep the floor machine, filling water meter, beauty apparatus, office/kitchen small home appliance, etc. For the export corrugated box color box of custom generally refer to Europe and the United States export standards. Therefore, export printing & packaging & packaging international quality certification is need some. The FSC, for example, the global security verification, the export of dangerous goods packaging containers production certification, ISO certification, the G7 certification and so on.

color box, color box custom packaging design is unqualified cause cannot export products, such as not according to the standard export packing products, or is the use of the material do not accord with standard of Europe and the United States, is likely to cause the export. Different packing form its demand is also different. Export according to the general trade export standard packing. Special export goods packaging according to customer's special requirements of the export.

there are foreign institutions research, color can be said of potential cultural belonging will affect and influence people's purchase decisions. Designers should understand know consumption object, grasp their preferences and taboos, their historical origin. Help product sales, like, in the eyes of the United States, gray expensive, quality and reliable, but is in our eyes feel cheap. Different regions have different aesthetic feeling of the same color. This is the difference. That is why some accord with the G7 certified manufacturer manufacturer of packaging products than the general products can better access to foreigners.

we currently there are still some packaging irregular situation, our use of symbols and patterns, for example, reflects the difference of our packaging. For example, & other; The bat & throughout; In the United States, said the blessings, bat represents/death terror. Therefore, when a few model is used to perform packaging design, necessary to clarify the taboo of importer of consumers, to avoid misunderstanding, or even cause disputes, affect sales. Not the correct use of words and symbols, it is not a professional performance. This will result in consumers' doubts about our products. A bad image, even off the grade.

in order to reduce the differences, suggest the color box color box custom merchants looking for manufacturers with export experience designing for product packaging. A series of experience in export manufacturers are all familiar with export procedures, can be if you are not very understanding, so you need to the manufacturer to give you advice and help you do this part of the work.

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