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Digital printing in note 5

by:WenJie     2020-04-11

1: digital printing & packaging is bedding bag would have 3 mm error, so in the documentation should be like traditional printing, reserved 3 mm bleeding, so after cutting the finished product will not out of the white edge. At the same time in order not to cut into the text and layout of the beautiful, production staff typesetting, please note that words don't (get too close to the edge As far as possible not less than 8 mm) 。 2: electrostatic printing technology for fixed toner, where there is color will cover a layer of silicone oil, so the printing place should not be writing and stamped.

3: there are large areas of silicone oil adhesion paper, do not crease, after coated membrane bubbles have creases. Experienced customers know the bottom of the big ink file without coated, because silicone coated effect. After 4: paper, through the digital printer can become very fragile, not to do too much to fold pressure & ndash; Easy to crack.

5: customer files need to be told, in what operating system and which version of the software under the production, because, if use different operating system or a different version of the software to open the file, the phenomenon such as error happens to open it and file ( Such as: PowerPoint file under XP system, with open Windows system, tilt Angle of the image will shift)

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