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Digital 3 c product packaging design should combine with production

by:WenJie     2020-08-29

original digital 3 c product packaging in the market advantages are obvious. A good original packaging design is very popular with digital 3 c merchants in the market, but it is not easy to make. With original packaging production enterprises, all without exception is combined closely with the excellent design team and rich production experience.

in digital 3 c product packaging industry, with design team's manufacturers are competitive. Why do you say that? Current packaging design studio or design company in the design of the product can do very well, and even perfect. But there are a lot of, but not in accordance with our actual production needs, one is short of a factory production standard, more technology and equipment to be designed with multiple vendors to complete together, there is a cost accounting and the technical difficulties and quality delivery. If is pure to communicate with the manufacturer production, demand of the design documents and product parameters, such as data, our business is not necessarily can provide complete, even some problems and the content of our business is a little knowledge. How can we give manufacturers packaging design and production to provide the relevant information? So, in this case, there are both the design team and manufacturing plant to 'one-stop' work style to solve customer's problems.

there are quite a part of the digital 3 c product printing & packaging production enterprises to form their own design team also difficult, or even the salesman take part of this work, and less is to hire a designer, only one or two people. Therefore, in the design of the style of a single, case. If it is a brand businesses, at the request of the design with quality and innovation, so might not choose to cooperate with the design experience of enterprises.

with original design, innovative talents team and large production base in support of packaging, 50 years in the field of printing & packaging and packaging management, although have the different advantages, but there are still some limitations in the development. We can undertake a large number of orders, also accept customers' strict quality test, on craft can meet most customers' requirements. But there is a part of the customer number for shang da is less than give up cooperation on demand, the price is too high.

in the past 2018 years, 2019, 2020, now even the future 10 years, 20 years we through the adoption of new technology and equipment in continuous try and change the status quo, using the digital printing & packaging and 3 d technology constantly looking for new breakthrough, hoped that the new digital 3 c product packaging for the customer service, help for customers of entrepreneurial, accompany the customer growth.

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