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Determine the need to comply with the basic principles of color series

by:WenJie     2020-04-15
color sequence will directly affect the quality of printing products, in order to get good print effect, must follow the following principles: 1. Arrange according to the three primary colors of lightness color series: the lightness color printing ink to reflect on the spectral curve of color printing ink, the higher the reflectivity, the higher the brightness of the ink. So, the brightness of color printing ink is yellow> green> magenta> black. 2. According to the color printing ink transparency and hiding power arrangement of color sequence: ink transparency and hiding power depends on the pigment and the connection of the difference of the refractive index of the material. Resistance to strong ink to fold greater influence on the color, after color as the color of dieyin easy show the correct colour, not good mixed color effect. Therefore, transparency is poor ink printing first, transparency, strong after printing. 3. According to the size of the dot area arrangement of color sequence: general dot small jump, after printing & packaging dot area is large. 4. According to the characteristics of arrangement of color sequence: the manuscript has different characteristics of each manuscript, some belong to warm, some cold tone. On the color sequence arrangement, give priority to with warm tone of the first printed black, red, yellow, green after the seal Is given priority to with cold tone of red, before they are printed. 5. According to the different arrangement of color sequence of equipment: general monochrome or two-color machine printing color sequence alternates with light and dark color advisable; Four-color printing machine is usually jump in the dark, after printing. 6. Arrangement of color sequence according to the property of paper: paper smoothness, whiteness, tightness, and surface strength vary, flat, tight paper Zhang Xianyin dark, after print bright color; Rough and loose paper, bright yellow ink printing first, after dark, because yellow ink can cover off paper paper defects such as hair and loss of powder. 7. According to the ink drying performance arrangement of color sequence: practice has proved that yellow ink than magenta ink nearly twice as fast drying speed, magenta ink twice as fast than green ink, black ink fixation the slowest. Slow drying inks should be printed, after fast dry ink print. Monochrome machine to prevent vitrification, generally the last print yellow conjunctival dry quickly. 8. Replica field arrangement according to the flat screen and color sequence: a flat screen and field, to achieve good printing quality, when the field, the vivid and thick ink, flat screen printing graphic first commonly, after printing field structure. 9. According to the arrangement of light color and dark color series: to make the print has a certain luster and put a light color, jump in dark, after printing & packaging light color. 10. Landscape products of green landscape area is greater than the magenta version, based on the graphic area after the big color version of the seal principle, appropriate USES black, magenta, blue and yellow. 11. In text field is given priority to with the black products generally adopt green, magenta, yellow, black, but cannot print black text and pattern in the yellow field, or because of the small yellow ink viscosity, viscosity and inverse overprint black, causing black printed on or false phenomenon. 12. For four-color overprint area is very small, tinted order generally can be used by large area of the principle of color version after printing. 13. Gold and silver products, due to the gold ink, silver ink adhesion is very small, gold and silver ink should as far as possible on the last day, under normal circumstances should not be used three times fold ink printing. 14. color sequence should as far as possible consistent with the proofing color series of, or overtake proofing effect.
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