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Design and printing need to consider the color standard

by:WenJie     2020-08-31

in color printing, color standards, need according to the tool detection or standard contrast. How to make color print in color printing mark? In the color printing, with dedicated chromatography in four-color printing, in addition, we also use pantone, pantone is gm's printing industry standard color CARDS, as the colour of communication system, is widely used.

CMYK is through four ink dieyin in network form, using specially the color printing is through a kind of ink with flat coating ( Solid color printing, network of 100%) Forms printing, because of the color printing is solid color printing and rules for the real color, so the CMYK color printing can only call it: simulate color, show the same color and visible its hue is certainly has a certain difference.

designed the color in the design of the coordination in the process of color printing, usually for print designers, designers usually may only considering the picture album design itself is perfect or not, but ignored in the process of computer printing can achieve perfection itself. Design process to communicate with the printing shop, either on its own is proficient in the printing process is, and then works created by the designer must be subtractive, likewise, in the color may be considered less or no consideration.

design posters, for example, use the PANTONE color: PANTONE356, is part of the standard color printing & packaging field ( 100% branch) Is a network printing & packaging, printing, another part of the need to 90% of the outlets, with PANTONE356 printing, color printing process if the color on the spot to the PANTONE color guide standards, hang net parts & other; Since the & throughout; , on the contrary, some appropriate decrease ink netting, field part is light color, the color of PANTONE356 guide standards.

like above this kind of circumstance is to consider the field of printing & packaging color printing and netting is absent, hanging net value to avoid blind spot design, produce this paradox is the printer performance not, or not a mechanic, operation methods may be wrong, this is according to the actual situation to communicate with the printing factory, understand printing can meet this requirement, the mechanic level and so on.

usually design drawings with printed printed matter, as long as you can to avoid color printing cannot implement process, also can realize the designer's creative beauty, whereas there is no communication, process performance can't add too much, you may print will follow the drawing effect.

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