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Declared war on packaging waste 818 suning adding 500000 Shared express box

by:WenJie     2020-08-26

age they sort the garbage, how to satisfy & other; Chop the hand & throughout; And do not cause a lot of Courier package rubbish? This 818, suning logistics will give you the answer.

the reporter understands, suning logistics will increase investment in the country during 818 to 500000 only Shared express box, let the parcel & other Green & throughout; To get up. At the same time will also continue to expand in places such as Shanghai, Beijing and other Green lighthouse & throughout; Express packaging community recycling pilot, let the carton is recycled, also can solve & other; Shopaholic & throughout; Garbage classification problem.

Courier garbage classification difficult? A Shared express box, there is no

& other; In front of wet not wet, doing what you said. ” Crazy Shanghai people's garbage classification, will soon into the more key cities, a civil action on green escalating.

( Su Ningyi purchase & other; Shared express box & throughout; )

with the rapid development of electrical business, express garbage disposal is imminent. According to the national post office statistics, the first five months of this year, the national express enterprise business the total 22. 3 billion units. It is worth noting that in megacities in China, fedex packing garbage incremental already account for 93% of domestic waste incremental, some large cities from 85% to 90%.

both to prepare packaging material & other; Subtraction & throughout; , also want to make green packaging recycling system upgrade & other Addition & throughout; 。 This is su ning logistics for delivery packaging waste way of cracking.

suning logistics relevant controller introduces to the reporter, in April 2017, suning lead the logistics & other; Shared express box plan & throughout; , for the first time a turnover box can be recycled, instead of ordinary carton, do not use any tape, Courier in & other; Throughout the last kilometer &; Distribution to realize recycling. For more than two years, Shared express box by the masses of users to become & other; Yellow box & throughout; 13 cities in the country, normalized operation. Last year, suning Shared express box use accumulative total 100 million times, save the belt around the earth. 74 laps.

age began after they sort the garbage, users on Su Ningyi purchase order, receiving Shared express box can be Courier collection, don't have to worry about Courier garbage classification problem. During the year 818, suning logistics will also increase investment in the country, 500000 & other; Yellow box & throughout; 。

overweight & other; Green lighthouse & throughout; Community recovery crack express garbage & other; Siege & throughout;

declares war on printing & packaging & packaging waste, in addition to the increasing use of decrement, suning logistics cycle of green packaging products, but also further strengthen the green recycling at the end.

in April this year, & other; Green lighthouse & throughout; More than express printing & packaging & packaging community recycling station in wuxi suning store & other; Throughout life help &; Online, express box part of the recycling residents sent item using free attachment, another part is by Courier back to the warehouse to use again. In Shanghai in early July, suning logistics delivery & other; Community recycling bins & throughout; , through community scene suning store set up & other; Green lighthouse & throughout; Community recycling system, helping Shanghai garbage classification.

( Set up recycling bins in suning store delivery packing)

suning, calculated brushstroke zhang, director of the logistics related to a Courier collection points carton packing is expected to every day can reach more than 300, most direct cartons can secondary use of nearly thirty percent. A recycle bin can recycle more than 30000 a year, equivalent to less cut 100 big tree.

at present, in addition to Shanghai, wuxi, taiyuan is also trying to recycle, hangzhou, nanjing and other places also will continue to promote the next & other; Green lighthouse & throughout; Fall to the ground, recycled waste materials that community of users. Is expected by the end of next year, & other; Green lighthouse & throughout; The cumulative light more than 10000 communities across the country, let the parcel & other Green & throughout; To keep the cartons back & other; Throughout the home &; 。

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