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Cutter blade all important parts of the paper classify what?

by:WenJie     2020-04-04
Speaking of paper cutting blade, everybody is not strange. It is one of the important components of paper cutter, manual paper cutter, electric paper cutter, automatic paper cutter, CNC cutter, toilet paper, paper cutter, such as household paper cutter cutter is widely used in paper printing & packaging industry. So, what are the classification of it? 1, alloy tool steel cutter blades, the blade as the composite rolling, cutting can be used in general. The original grain is refined, the collapse edge resistance is strong. Steel blade and blade gap transition, defects, such as edge without stripping, guarantee the service life. 2, high-speed tool steel cutter blades adapt to all kinds of paper, especially the number of cutting various gork coated paper, a grinding life by five times. High speed steel containing 18% tungsten, wear resistance, smooth, sharp edge and stable, accurate and smooth cutting quality.
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