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【 Custom packing 】 How do consumers trust the package?

by:WenJie     2020-09-01

according to reliable sources, some printing & packaging & packaging giant block production enterprise will throw 700 million factories in China, where points to Hohhot, this news let has always been low-key block enterprises get the public's attention. Small make up to this kind of capping the packaging products are mainly used for dairy products, such as a brand of yogurt products are used. At present our dairy demand is rising, from 35 kg per capita consumption of 2019. For custom the container of dairy products are good quality, high level appearance is the current hot topic.

food and beverage market boom has been in the summer, and sales of dairy products is the four seasons all appropriate. “ Milk & throughout; , the competition is intense, in terms of our packing, say with distinctive features and is widely and a lot of attention and love. The appearance looks at high levels of yogurt and milk drinks, such as a brand of blue and white packaging the rapid occupation of the market in the past two years, can say and ranking has risen steadily. What are the typical features of the hot milk boxes custom?

1。 The blue sky white clouds is the standard? Natural selection is the premise of friendly consumption and.

no matter what the pure milk, should reflect the health so on source need to have a clear answer. If it is the concept of fuzzy expression, can let a person. Then reflect on the printing & packaging is a milk management of natural and healthy.

2。 Professional and quality, production safety is the primary factor of consumer trust.

for printing & packaging link into the production line, the whole process of food safety is very important, the use of advanced production technology and equipment is an important condition, strength and ability of the show on the package should be combined with production technology and the core value and firm size. Then is the perfect combination of precious and expensive.

if you can do these two points, so you have to take the key consumer market of the treasure house of open the door. Packing custom can help you to build a long term benefit of brand enterprise of product packaging, to participate in industry standard custom, won the red dot design award in Germany, we have 10 square production base, 30 people design team, solemnly promises quality problem or transport damage free reprint. More consulting inquire: 13530686081

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