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Custom packing food production and epidemic prevention safety

by:WenJie     2020-09-02

customize the editor, and often surf the Internet to learn about a new information, understand relevant network media have reported that the recent outbreak, a cola company has many employees diagnosed, in addition to worry about people repeated outbreaks, are worried about is a food safety problems. Product is infected during the diagnosis, whether to need to destroy, before this product whether there is potential safety hazard, are small make up care. For food companies, in which case the product production is not infected? What outbreak safe protection need to be? For these problems, we the epidemic prevention and control of related staff has given the answer and disambiguation.

in this case, the food printing & packaging safety is an important standard. With multi-layer protective production and printing & packaging & packaging of the product is safe? Which cases are edible, not is what circumstance? In a few days after, the packing small edit custom already know, involving the outbreak related products already stop production and sales. For outbreak can cause the loss of huge, if conceal outbreaks the report also will be punished.

at present packing cases custom small make up according to the situation on the Internet to find relevant documents, in the process of the epidemic, concealing, delaying reports, lying about the outbreak occurred occasionally. To this, countries. Services. Court rules the emergent public health event emergency ordinance, different subject to hide, slow, lying about the outbreak that bear the legal consequences. The relevant units and individuals to hide, slow, lying about the outbreak, the relevant responsible personnel shall be subject to administrative sanctions or disciplinary action. Breaking the law on public security administration punishments, constitute ACTS violating the administration of public security, shall be penalized by the public security organ in accordance with the law; If the case constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. So we will actively cooperate with and epidemic prevention work. Packing custom industrial park inside have been sent masks to employees on time. Cleaning has been sticking to make health protection. Kill the possibility of bacteria in the cradle.

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