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Custom packing factory production standardization management strictly

by:WenJie     2020-09-01

packing manufacturer of custom is very serious and responsible in production. Error because of the high cost, must be strict standardization of the management. is also belongs to a kind of industrial products, so only can meet the demand of customers and quality products to customer needs, printing & packaging product there is an error, the basic no rework, once appear quality problem is abandoned. Without the possibility of secondary sales. So the management of the production base of strict to the point of care.

paper printing & packaging products in the market, most of them are one-time use. Recycling is waste paper, the basic will not transfer or used for sale. Boxes custom proofing and mass production must be in strict accordance with the customer to confirm the file. To avoid major mistakes, our preliminary work is repeatedly check to confirm. When entering the production phase, if the found file error, although can stop in time, but caused by the material, human and machine loss cost is also very big.

printing & packaging & packaging production flow chart, design & rarr; Computer graphics & rarr; Plate/computer direct plate making & rarr; Paper cutting & rarr; ( Visual quality checks) → Pasting & rarr; Die cutting ( Visual quality checks) → & darr; ↓

, polish, laser, glue, stationery glue, glue box, nail box

custom packing in order to achieve higher efficiency in terms of quality management and quality, and continuously during the 50 years of development in the update production equipment, has been using intelligent production equipment to produce fine production. The 7 s in workshop management. At the same time enable the ERP management system. Constantly improve the level of standardization of printing. Scientific management to improve the productivity and competitiveness.

packing custom standardization innovation for sure. We study in a series of reform and progress achieved good grades, successively through the ISO14001 international certification, the FSC/COC, etc, printing standards including international quality standard has received nearly 10 certification. In technology research and development and innovation, is a high and new technology enterprise, innovation ten strong enterprise of guangdong province, the province engineering technology research center, the processing trade enterprise demonstration. Guangdong top ten good faith printing enterprise, etc.

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