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Custom cosmetics box how to choose the material?

by:WenJie     2020-08-26

cosmetics companies in addition to rely on product upgrade and optimization, fast service, packaging more and more important. Through the custom packaging can make consumer generation buys desire, thus stimulating consumption. So looking at the appearance of the level of society, a good outer packing is indispensable. Want to have a good sales in the market, not only need the strength of their own products, need to have more good packing box to sketch. Beautiful and delicate cosmetics box is, indeed, can drive the cosmetics sales.

choose good material for packaging design is very important for cosmetics packaging manufacturers. More common such as peel box, box, etc. , to the requirement of the hardness of the material must be. Bottle lifted the lid and shortcomings with this sag is very ugly, so the paper material hardness and compressive strength is the key. So what are the specific material? These materials and what are the characteristics? Let's come to simple introduce:

gold and silver cardboard

paper strength, colour and lustre is gorgeous, paper surface is smooth, dense, the printing ink penetration and absorbent is poorer, but hot stamping, hit a bump, knurling better technology, such as commonly used cosmetics printing & packaging & packaging box surface and lining and enterprise book covers. Gold and silver cardboard compared with white card, positive is gold or silver, gold and silver cardboard back is white, even though each batch of color have some differences, but within a reasonable range of error is allowed. If you more strict with the color difference, so be sure to take paper, or proofing first, then confirm whether it is feasible. General of gold and silver cardboard used on hot stamping process is more, have stronger metal effect.

white cardboard

strength thick, have higher stiffness, degree of burst and smoothness, paper smooth, 210 g - common thickness 400 grams, with the more 250 grams, with white cardboard printed effect, full color, paper feeling is very good. Single box can be used to do cosmetics. Which can be ordinary also can reverse the UV printing. Is a custom manufacturer of cosmetics packaging materials. This material because of the high degree of color reduction, so the technology can ensure the surface color don't fall off. If you like art design, can choose white cardboard material, make art, printing colorful color, perm area of gold and silver, screen printing & packaging UV let local lights and so on all can be a very good implementation.

black card

paper is exquisite, can thoroughly, strength thick, folding degree good, surface level off is smooth, good tensile, burst degrees higher, the thickness of the common g - 120 350 grams of black cardboard inside and outside is black, so can't print color pattern, is only suitable for bronzing, hot silver, UV, etc. Kraft is

has the very high tension, high intensity, usually brown yellow, resistance to tear strength, rupture degree and high dynamic strength, widely used in cosmetics, shopping bags, envelopes, etc. , the thickness of the common g - 120 300 grams of unbleached paper, suitable for single or double color printing and not complicated color. White kraft paper whiteness is more white than white cardboard, and there's no need to glue or oil can make color will not fall, a lot of small and pure and fresh cosmetics packaging materials were the white buffalo. And cattle restoring ancient ways is more suitable for the packaging, and there are a lot of the kinds of kraft paper, each type of each batch kraft paper, color is different. If the company to the paper color has a special request, will try our best to avoid using kraft paper.


paper is very bright and clean level off, double-sided white, high whiteness, good gloss, can make the printed graphic images have stereo feeling, the thickness of the common g - 128 300 grams, coated paper printing effect and the white card, color full bright, less than the stiffness of the white cardboard. Special paper

paper flexible, texture pattern varied, rich and colorful color is wear-resisting, anti-fouling, moistureproof, moth-proofing, folding, etc. Used in hot stamping silver pressed and hit a bump, hot burning process, such as the phrase books, brochures, certificate of binding and brand cosmetics box outside decoration. Because there are a lot of kinds, can find paper according to the requirements for testing. Such as some paper with special texture, some paper is very very bright eye and so on the many kinds of effect, if pure choose not necessarily can make ideal effect, so you can test first, then make.

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