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Custom cosmetics box - Because professional, so wonderful

by:WenJie     2020-09-04

cosmetics wants to sell a good packing is very important, a good packaging can promote the class cosmetics, cosmetics brand promotion, increase in cosmetics sales potential, but also improving customer desires an important prerequisite for purchase and use cosmetics. Provide various size cosmetics printing & packaging box type custom, cosmetics box quickly attracted the secret of the customer is our production seiko spy, each is pay attention to quality, because professional, so we are very good in the industry.

cosmetics packaging in design not only requires the cosmetic safety protection, show the role of customer's brand image, also must have the ability to improve the grade and appreciation for the product. Either a cosmetics company will be in your product packaging and malicious kung fu. In order to attract the attention of consumers, but also constantly try new packing method. Why the packing can do it.

the main thing is that our design on the structure is more superior to other manufacturers. In the same level of cosmetics packaging, we provide material is more economical and practical, green environmental protection. Box type according to the characteristics of cosmetics and accessories, such as design and lining, and satisfy the basic requirement of cosmetic packaging, in addition we also provide printing & packaging & packaging test, such as packaging material testing to packaging printing & packaging surface, fine after box type finished product testing to ensure that the packaging and the compressive strength, waterproof and moistureproof performance is much higher than customer's requirements, enough to protect the built-in cosmetics.

is the main production mechanization on packaging, manual packing is complementary. Therefore, in the cosmetics printing & packaging & packaging on the quality of stability. Company support 9 big surface process selection, support specified brand paper, according to your product of consumer demand and habits, professional design carton size for you. And flexible according to usage scenarios to adjust, make the customers use the product more convenient and comfortable.

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