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Custom color box manufacturers how to save communication time?

by:WenJie     2020-08-30

why do people spend six months in a wrapper, some people only can get this done in a few days? If not the order price, so many big may be because there was a problem we docking customer communication process, repeatedly confirmed that have no definite conclusion. That can't finish the detailed production planning lead to time delay. Custom color box manufacturers how to save time?

1。 Need clear communication process and communication as a result, there can be fuzzy. 2. There should be a more experienced docking personnel, if there is a little knowledge itself, then docking customers even more confused. 3. Requires rapid corresponding mechanism, for customers to understand the content and specific arrangement, rapid response.

although custom color box manufacturers design level is constantly improving, but also thinking and be fond of and various demand is constantly changing, so our communication process, for the use of materials, technology, printing equipment and proofing and so on need to be repeated to verify customer comments. If it is to understand industry customers may speed is quicker, but most of the customers is not very clear understanding of the printing & packaging industry, therefore, we need a detailed explanation is introduced and with the customer the actual to understand clearly the specific design and production process. So that customers can better understand our working process with the work.

in according to customer requirements, our team in rapid design and printing solutions to customers, to confirm, after delivering the design cost for printing & packaging printing draft design, and proofing. In custom color box manufacturers, USES the German printing equipment, Heidelberg six underside double color/colours/color / 8 color printing machine, etc. , on the color error to the naked eye identification in accordance with customer requirements. Stronger reducing power, this equipment is suitable for printing fine products, the model of basic without off color. A client with confirm sample is correct, we will be able to mass production. So in a kind of communication, we can save a lot of time to waste. General situation, proofing confirmed to batch production delivery, only need 4 - 7 days. If demand is 3 - delay 5 days. Orders from order to delivery, no more than a month.

more information about the packing color box custom manufacturer, please consult the online customer service, packaging for over 50 years to focus on packaging and printing & packaging service for the industry manufacturers, enterprises, technology, equipment, good, very good avoid quality is uneven, such as the wrong board of problem, is your side of the paper packaging and printing.

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