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Custom business difficult to do, and why would anyone stick to?

by:WenJie     2020-08-29
2020 packing customization industry business difficult to do, is you have experience greatly by the head of the enterprise. Why there are still many people insist that?

a open factory more than a decade of friend said to me, even though there are a lot of helpless and reluctant, but really do not want to leave the stand, psychology is very not willing to give up. Loathe to give up so many years hard struggle. And to lose hard-won customers. Although no profit business cooperation order, sometimes very tired, not to please. But insist on down through the years, also can't say don't don't. Moreover market do not difficult to now? Oneself also is not a single, a first with yourself, at least have something to do with than lose everything to come again.

in printing & packaging and printing & packaging industry, in addition to the emerging of digital companies such as 3 d, in the ordinary printing has little talent. At present in guangdong area more focus is a few years, even decades of company. After periods after a gorgeous custom packing industry, market competition is increasingly fierce. Price war has always been a lot. When did not have the good cooperation, and how many people will stick to it?

factory need to precipitate the customer that just opened, a few years of money just to get customers trust. So for a long time is at a loss. Combined with company's business, documentary, procurement, production, delivery and after-sale and so on size affairs need to do, a person's energy is always limited, to build up a high efficient operation team, no doubt is to burn. Facing the off-season slump, shipment, delivery in advance, payment, always because of money, once receive gears spending is out, so it is difficult to support.

all say they sell goods to make money, but not actually in the printing & packaging & packaging industry, the general merchants like price is low, the material is not very strict, after all is the disposable packing. Instead of to sell good quality goods is not to earn money. Others ask logistics industry so popular now, packing to custom is not very good? In fact, we are suffering, raw material rises in price, the customer not, carton price will rise up, although some carton is cut in the unit price, the customer won't pay for our stock.

packaging packaging and printing industry has been 50 years, from the original attic do now 10 square production base, through the storm of the countless. In this industry always adhere to high quality packing box customization, besides we actively research and development innovation, we have continuously introduced advanced equipment and production technology, has been put into production equipment more than 100, tens of millions of money. Current annual production is over, we also actively develop new projects, in order to not eliminated by the market, constantly developing.

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