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Current status of domestic cigarette packet printing process is analysed

by:WenJie     2020-04-12
In our country, high-grade cigarettes or not is one of the performance of on cigarette printing & packaging. We're going to analyze the current situation at present domestic cigarette packet printing process, and some detail problems in the actual manufacturing process is explained. Commonly used at present, in the cigarette package printing, process is as follows: low smoke when package to senior dispensing, printing & packaging paper will individually by general fiber to non receive composite paper. Cigarette packaging composite paper has two kinds: aluminum foil composite paper ( Aluminum foil composite with paper) And the light membrane ( Laser film) Composite paper ( Light film, laser film with glass paper compound) 。 When laser printing on paper, to improve the printing ink adhesion, take more UV ink. Here are in the laser card printing should pay attention to the items: laser film in the process of production, because the static causes, inevitably there will be a spot, dirty, to hide these shortcomings, but also reflects the laser effect, when designing cigarette packet printing process, often need to add 20% ~ 40% of white mesh. Laser film have 12 & mu; M's PET film and 23 & mu; M of BOPP film two kinds, in order to ensure the forming effect of root package smoke speed, usually use 12 & mu; M's PET film. For progress promoted tobacco package gloss, often using aluminized layer outwards laser card paper, PET film and paper composite laser cardboard, but easy to be scratched when aluminized layer outwards, be sure to note when it in print. Die cutting, to avoid burrs, knife mold lines can be used the summit. Because of PET film and paper composite not firm, in die cutting often present the delaminating phenomenon. Before the formal production, therefore, for small batch on bales machine test is necessary. To protect viscose effect, the height of the mouth in viscose tooth line should be 23. 7 mm, want to add the density of viscose tooth line at the same time.
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