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Current situation of the development of domestic carton cutting tool coating technology

by:WenJie     2020-04-19
Throughout the development process of the CVD and PVD technology can find some common law. When the first generation of coating products into the market, the first thing to solve the localization problem of coating equipment, to meet the market needs; The second is to develop a new generation of coating composition, to improve the machining efficiency of cutting tools; And control technology, the third is the development of multilayer coating makes the coated cutting tool surface has the comprehensive mechanical properties of a variety of materials, cutting, milling and other different processing object implementing personalized service. The most used coating material is TiC, TiN, TiCN and Al2O3. Today's application in the cemented carbide cutting tool coating layer at most three yuan TiAlN coatings, and can adjust Al element composition proportion for different film performance. Coating material by the initial TiC and TiN composite coating of single-layer development up to now. The emergence of the composite coating and related technology, the coating can improve the bonding strength with substrate, and has a variety of material composite properties. In recent years, the development of TiN/NbN, TiN/CNx multivariate composite thin material, make the coating tool life has greatly improved. Brought TiAlN coating process portfolio diversification, TiAlCN, CrSiN multivariate composite coating, such as cutting tool to obtain high wear resistance, low friction, good thermal stability and oxidation resistance, excellent comprehensive performance.
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