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CTP plate making directly with traditional laser typesetting platemaking

by:WenJie     2020-04-01

CTP direct plate-making process

computer digital files - CTP workstation - Bare white ( 捕获) / / OPI/electronic puzzle - color management Digital proofing - CTP plate - ( CIP3) 。

traditional laser typesetting platemaking process

computer typesetting - Phototypesetter output film making - Film after plate machine - Development - Fixing - Dry - Artificial to spell on the PS version - film Vacuum solid drying PS version - Imaging processing - Retouching - Into a version - .

by comparison with the above two kinds of plate making process, the CTP plate making rapid, simple and achieved 100% of transfer printing, all of the whole process automation, general just 8 minutes; And laser typesetting a process to 55 minutes. In addition, because the CTP plate maker USES is fully automatic integration solutions, to avoid the manual puzzle in laser typesetting, retouching distortion phenomenon, improve the quality of the plate. The second is omitted many of the equipment investment and the consumption of raw materials. Such as laser phototypesetter, plate machine, printing machine, developing machine, version of the machine and film, chemicals, etc. Again is the CTP machine can digital signal by satellite and computer network, to realize long-distance data transmission process directly, greatly shorten the gap of time and space. Applied in newspapers, for example, due to the fierce competition in the current newspaper market, the publishing newspapers require fast, high quality, and with the development of CaiBao printing trend, make CTP plate making an optimal approach to effectively achieve the above goals.

computer direct plate making process and the traditional laser typesetting plate making process is the main difference between:

CTP plate technology, no Film, using CIP3 format printing & packaging production. Digital proofing, digital spell big version.

the requirements of the CTP system

when using CTP system, first of all, should pay attention to and the front end system interface technology, namely: the color prepress processing system for data exchange between technology, and the back-end WanShanHua equipment data and technology. For large capacity file, data exchange rate and the data transmission speed is essential; Second, require companies to establish a set of new electronic document management system, improve the data storage and retrieval technologies; Then, the color management technology and RIP technology is also very important. Large capacity file for RIP has a strong processing capacity, can achieve efficient work efficiency. For proofing and output consistency problem, we have to color management technology's engagement.

CTP plate maker directly works

single original laser beam of light produced by a laser, the multi-channel optical fiber or complex high-speed optical splitting system is split into multiple beam ( Usually is 200 - 500 beam) Very fine laser beam each beam of light by the acousto-optic modulator respectively according to the image information in the computer features such as brightness, brightness change of laser beam may be modulated, into a controlled beam. Again after focusing, hundreds of micro beam laser beam directly to the surface of plate engraving work, by scanning after engraving, formation of the latent image of the image on the plate. After enhancement, image information on a computer screen is reduction in plate for offset printing directly. Each bundle of micro laser beam diameter and shape of the light intensity distribution of light beam, decided on the plate forming the image of the latent image clarity and resolution. The smaller the micro beam of light, light intensity distribution of the more close to the rectangular ( The ideal case) , the higher the latent image clarity. Scanning accuracy depends on the mechanical and electronic control part of the system. While the number of laser microbeam determines the length of the scan time. The more number of microbeam, the etching a plate for the shorter the time. At present, the diameter of the beam has grown to 4. 6 microns, equivalent to 600 lpi printing precision can be carved. Beam number could reach 500. The corrosion a folio printing blocks of time can be finished in 3 minutes. Version of the beam, on the other hand, the output of the power and energy density ( Unit, per unit area of the laser energy is the joule per square centimeter) The higher the etching the faster the speed. But high power will shorten the service life of laser, reduces the negative impact of the distribution of the beam quality, etc.

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