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Corrugated carton printing process control points

by:WenJie     2020-04-15

is corrugated carton is closely connected with our life, the production of an ordinary paper products, corrugated carton printing quality is not only related to the appearance quality of corrugated paperboard, also affect the sales of printing & packaging products, as well as by the image of commodity production enterprise. So, for how to improve the effect of the surface of the corrugated carton printing, how to choose the appropriate printing process, further reduce the carton processing cost of the analysis of the problem is particularly important. In this we will be discussed on the several aspects.

a, the processing technology of the corrugated board

the processing technology of the corrugated board mainly divided into two categories.

1, the automatic production line for corrugated board production process

the corrugated board production technology application more widely, has a large production batch, type carton forming large, stare blankly as well as good quality. The process to produce corrugated board, usually by water-based printing, slitting, thick paste, molding process to make the cartons. In this process to produce the cartons are mainly used for transport packaging.

2, semi-automatic corrugated board production line production process

the corrugated board production technology is the first printing surface paper, again with framed up good paper, cardboard corrugated core. The process to produce corrugated board, regular use die cutting indentation and glue nail boxes. The process to produce the carton forming of good quality, surface treatment effect is good. To compromise process to produce the cartons can be used as sales packaging.

2, regular carton printing way

regular carton printing mode mainly flexo, offset printing and screen printing.

1, flexible printing corrugated carton

conventional flexible printing process is directly on the corrugated board corrugated carton printing, use water-based ink, so there are also people who will be the process for the watermark.

flexographic printing directly with the following features:

( 1) The wide, wide flexographic printing press maximum width can be up to 2. 5 ~ 2. 8m.

( 2) Low prices, flexographic printing resistance force is very high, can be repeated use; Humor, the price also is low.

( 3) Linked to the production, such as printing, slitting, creasing, order ( Stick) Box, baling machine.

( 4) The decrease of strength of the cartons. Because flexo printing is light pressure, little influence on the strength of the corrugated board.

( 5) precision is not high, the conventional offset printing and screen density of 175 line/inch, and conventional flexo carton add line number 35 to 65 line/inch, belong to low precision printing way, the most suitable for printing text line, four-color printing & packaging image quality in years although have improved, but there are still limited.

( 6) Plate is easy to the difficult, text line draft process easy, four color image reproduction is difficult.

( 7) quality stability is bad, mainly embodied in the printing ink of depth is not easy to control.

flexographic printing process directly applicable to the first kind of carton production process, is widely applied in the cardboard-box factory of our country.

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