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Corrugated carton network printing operations

by:WenJie     2020-04-15

in order to adapt to the market economy development, enhance the competitiveness of the products, a lot of corrugated carton layout start node graph is used to highlight the product. Enrich the layout, but also improve the grade of the product packaging.

on printing & packaging design, graphic expression and visual impact is strong, easy to arouse people's attention, using network printing graphics is difficult to counterfeit, anti-counterfeiting performance is good, rich administrative levels sense, stereo feeling, let a person feast for the eyes.

in order to get high quality of the network effect, first of all must work hard in the draft: for corrugated carton printing, network too easy paste version phenomenon; Network too thin and will be lost graphic detail, affect the graphic effect, must grasp when making accurate. Vector graphics and bitmap graphics points two kinds, the way it deals with network, for vector diagram, to control the hair gray, reflect level through the gray level change, the size of the grey decision node size and rare stiff. For scanning pattern for processing. Converted to grayscale after completion, reuse in PHOTOSHOP filter Pixelate colorhalfone, node according to the size of the graphics grayscale by colorhalfone the parameters in the dialog to adjust, be suitable for printing condition of the network graph.

after the vector graphics and bitmap processing, subject to output center output negative plate burning, output the number of cable also decided to graphics site of several important parameters, the greater the number of cable, node number, the more output must select the appropriate number of cable. In the process of graphics make their branch networks to vector diagram of gray-scale patterns and the output cable number, as well as the halftone bitmap graphics processing and the output cable number comprehensive consideration, can obtain the overall net shape effect. In general, as far as possible avoid dot graphics and large area of color piece design in the same block printing, if a large area of color piece pattern and network graphic printing, separate from the pressure adjustment and color control is much more simple.

after the design draft output into a negative plate making, can be made to make dot graphic resin version, high hardness required to 45. - - - - - - 50. ShoreA advisable, and material with low elasticity, modified restore slower than can ensure network graphics good reproducibility. Branches of the same product packaging resin version at the same time, as far as possible a complete. By several times are very prone to dot printing depth difference, produce different effect. If the dot version cannot be processed at a time, back plate must be strictly controlled during exposure, the main exposure, washing, drying, to stick and post-processing time, every time processing data consistent, in order to get the same effect node resin version.

network graphic design, consider the enterprise presses and the number of network cable roller, it is important to correctly choose anilox roll, determines the success or failure. Plating flipping roller is the most common type, with the wide use of the film scraper, and the expansion of new high-speed printing presses, fast anilox roller wear is a problem, many enterprises have begun to use wear resistance of ceramic ink roller, its high style, conducive to dot graphic printing & packaging.

with color printing, contains the full version and branch full version can be part of the thickness of the padding 0. 15 - 0. 30 mm to improve version of pressure and printing.

with printing dot enlargement phenomenon, this requires a printer to pressure adjustment should be light as far as possible in order to get the smallest dot enlargement, and make detailed records on the parameters of the printing machine adjustment, so that can track the same printing effect in the future.

after printing, need to clean them network on resin version immediately, to prevent ink drying on the layout, cause the network congestion, lead to bad.

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