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Corrugated carton compressive strength test standard

by:WenJie     2020-09-03

corrugated carton standard specifies the classification of the carton, basic box code, carton attachments, size specifications, technical requirements, test methods and inspection rules requirements. As packing carton, according to the chosen within different types of corrugated paperboard, printing & packaging & packaging material and the weight of the cavity dimensions of the cartons is different, can design and manufacture a wide variety of products, the products stipulated in the respective standards or supply and demand both sides talks things over the specific requirements of the acceptance.

in general, to evaluate the mechanical performance of corrugated carton testing projects mainly include compressive strength, corrosion resistance, impact strength and reproduced strength three these three mechanical properties, important project is the compressive strength, high compressive strength, good use performance, increase the compressive strength can be improved using performance. Compressive strength closely related to the stability of the carton, the carton compressive strength is the failure of critical strength.

in addition, the compressive strength and stacking strength is different, is always better than the compressive strength of the carton when the load on the long-term support load, compressive strength reflects short-term stability, stacking strength reflect the long-term stability. Compression test and the stacking test points belong to different compression test project, two trials were controlled by two test method standard, two standards are: 1)

GB / T 4857。 4 pieces of pressure test on the packing of the packing and shipping method, 2) GB / T 4857。 3 pieces of stacking test method on the packing of the packing and shipping '

compression test is to test the transport corrugated carton packaging designed compressive capacity, due to the adoption of modern electronic technology, not only can make the carton compression test, and can be used to simulate the working procedures of stacking test stacking strength test, in addition you can also set point pressure experiment was carried out. The compressive experiment is indispensable to carton finished product quality testing. Packing after the samples are given a series of test data to customers, help customers packing compressive test, to ensure that customer's product packaging transportation safety.

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