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Corrugated board with printing need to pay attention to

by:WenJie     2020-04-16
on corrugated paper board, corrugated board is a printer paper guide roller, printing roller is passed to the slot of molding, cardboard roller pressure in the process of transfer, the different degrees of change in its physical properties, inevitably affect the strength of the cartons. Especially full printing & packaging, the same material of carton compared with no printing, its strength will reduce 30%. So be very careful with printing production process, can alleviate the following measures: first, to the printing machine, adjust the paper guide roller clearance for printed board it is advisable to pass deformation ( Slightly smaller than the thickness of the cardboard 0. 1-0. 15 mm is best) ; Second, plate pressure adjustment to meet the printing clear, box side feel no sag, smooth; Third, appropriate to improve the printing & packaging machine speed ( More than 1000 r/min) . As soon as possible the board by printing machine, reduce the paperboard compression time.
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