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Corrugated board why can appear 'rub garment board' deformation phenomenon

by:WenJie     2020-04-18
Corrugated board under temperature, glue, machine tension and base paper quality, prone to rub garment plate deformation. How to solve it? Reason 1, fibrous tissue expansion rate of base paper differences; 2, the surface of paper or in paper quantitative low and base paper fibre is too soft, after forming the corresponding stiffness of the also is bad; 3, excessive amount of adhesive coating or uneven, make corrugated roof edges on both sides have also glue solution, when with the surface dry paper or in paper stick, due to the contraction of the certain torque across the paper or in paper form; 4, adhesive of low viscosity, and fibrous tissue paper or tissue in no bond into solid whole well; 5, single-sided or double-sided machine of corrugated roller, pressure roller clearance discomfort, imbalance; 6, corrugated roller stare blankly addendum badly worn, due to stare blankly addendum area increases with increasing adhesive coating weight, make the surface compressive after the paper or in paper easy to deformation; 7, corrugated roller, pressure roller or preheat roll temperature too high or too low to exist, are easy to make corrugated board rub garment plate after forming deformation phenomenon. Solution 1, the moisture content of base paper can be controlled within the scope of the standard. With paper, the requirements in the paper, corrugated paper, core paper and the moisture content of paper keep close range as far as possible; Appropriate quantitative higher surface paper, corrugated paper and paper; 2, adjust the glue device to keep the normal working state, keep stare blankly peak width of glue in 1. 3mm - 1. Between 8 mm, avoid using low speed to production. 3, adjustable glue viscosity, increasing the adhesion strength of the molding of the corrugated cardboard; 4, replace corrugated roller, check the corrugated roller, pressure roller, guide pieces of paper, such as whether normal, such as wear loose measures should be taken to exclude; 5, check and adjust the heating device, the use of steam heating machine, due to the condensed water in the container storage volume, and easy to cause the loss of thermal efficiency and surface temperature is not uniform. So, machines have siphon device, the siphon device suction range corrugated roller guide wall clearance should be adjusted to 0 in general. 3mm - 0. 8 mm between, this can make the condensed water discharge, timely to keep the right temperature. In short, in order to prevent the production of corrugated board quality problem, need to master scientific and reasonable production process, this is the most effective measures to improve the quality of corrugated board processing.
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