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Corrugated board two-color flexographic printing process

by:WenJie     2020-04-16

1。 Feed

corrugated paper has enough stiffness, thus flexible printed version of the corrugated cardboard, adopts sheet-fed input method, the physical together after printing, neatly in a pile of paper machine fixed position, for manual or automatic type feed device by zhang. Automatic feed device using automatic lifting platform, which can automatically adjust the paper stack height, input the inspiratory way, to overcome due to cardboard uneven board stuck bad phenomenon.

2。 Ink

flexographic printing machine adopt unique short anilox roller transfer ink and ink for ink road system, greatly simplifying the ink device. The use of flexible printing ink, whether type water base or solvent, one should lose the ink circulation system, make the ink in the printing process cycle use, keep suitable viscosity. Corrugated board with water-based ink viscosity for 1 - commonly 2 pa· s。


corrugated board adopts double color more flexible printing. Some of flexographic printing machine adopts round flatten printing & packaging method, instead of impression cylinder with pressure plate. Still have some impression cylinder in corrugated cardboard printing machine, the plate cylinder, also is the base of cardboard printing, this arrangement can make the board before entering the embossing, natural whereabouts and remove dust on the surface of the printing and shredding.

flexographic printing process operation process including plate, graphic alignment positioning of testing-run, adjustment, printing pressure adjustment, quality inspection, facsimile, formal printing. Operation is simple.

(1) plate

is a flexible plate with double sided tape with strong adhesion force on the surface of the plate cylinder, for printing.

2. Position adjustment

after plate paste, want to undertake testing-run, longitudinal and transverse position adjustment. If the skew plate by location, or vertically or horizontally a partial plate, can't use adjusting mechanism to adjust, must use mobile plate and the plate cylinder method to correct the relative position. Until graphic overprint precision to formal printed.

(3) the printing pressure adjustment

corrugated cardboard printing & packaging printing pressure, is determined by embossing roller's contact in the plate. pressure on the compressive strength of corrugated cardboard have damage. So, the printing operations, should as far as possible with minimal printing pressure, to complete the transfer of ink, and ensure the corrugated board force uniform, compressive strength will not decrease or rarely.

(4) testing-run

a sample of testing-run, after plate graphic content of check, substrates and graphic specifications, a set of colored Jiu check, quality analysis, confirm the data or samples conform to the requirements of the construction, and meet customer technical data processing, can be sent to the production director to check and sign for the press.

4。 Corrugated cardboard indentation and slot

most of corrugated cardboard printing using flexographic printing slotting machine, such as printing, indentation, slotting process on one machine at the same time to complete.

(1) of the corrugated cardboard indentation

indentation to make corrugated board is the main purpose of a predetermined position accurately bending, in order to realize the accurate carton inside dimension.

press the mark line direction and corrugated stare blankly to different relations, indentation can be divided into vertical line pressing ( With the corrugated stare blankly to parallel the indentation line) And line pressing ( With the corrugated stare blankly into the vertical indentation line) 。

round indentation technology on printing slotting machine, die assumes the disc rotate in pairs, cardboard through pairs between die and leave indentation. By adjusting the gap between die and punch, can change the depth of the indentation.

(2) the slot

the so-called slot, refers to the corrugated board cut out easy to fold on the gap. Its width - As for the thickness of the cardboard plus LMM ( Sometimes also can consider twice of the cardboard thickness) 。

the cartons slot has a close relationship with indentation, and carton size precision and the carton appearance, have a direct impact. Grooving centerline to aligned with the center line of the indentation as far as possible, before and after about deviation should be as small as possible.

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