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Corrugated board ink flexo common troubleshooting

by:WenJie     2020-04-16

in printing & packaging and printing, flexographic printing corrugated board is becoming more and more widely. Water-based ink is one of the widely used environmental printing ink, printing eligibility for corrugated board is better, so in the application of corrugated cardboard printing & packaging is also a substantial increase. But corrugated board surface roughness is bad, need higher printing pressure, and the flexible printing & packaging is called kiss printing & packaging, the printing pressure control is very strict, and water-based ink itself has a dry more slowly, long-term storage characteristics of the precipitation will happen, and the paper surface smoothness, elastic, moisture content and acceptance and so on the surface of the performance requirements, make corrugated flexible printed version of the water-based ink technology difficulty is higher than ordinary paper printing.

we know that the key factors affecting the quality of printing products is equipment, raw materials, personnel and the environment, corrugated cardboard printing. Therefore, to ensure the quality of printing, will ensure that qualified raw materials and equipment normal operation, environmental requirements, high operating personnel technical level and production practice experience.

according to production practice and experience of some experts, guarantee the quality of corrugated cardboard water-based ink flexo printing, special attention should be paid to the following:

1. Pay attention to the printing graphic clarity; 2. To ensure the printing color pure, the batch products without color difference; 3. Keep ink consistent with batch printing; 4. To print the coated white board carton, should pay attention to not have double; 5. Ensure that all the overprint precision; 6. Pay attention to the carton strength influence on full printing; 7. Make up for leak edition is printed; 8. Pay attention to the thin plate printing; 9. For warping board to prevent run version, slotting go; 10. Flexible printed version of the cover, pay attention to cover the base; 11. Pay attention to the observation in the printing, problems should be ruled out.

in addition, attention should be paid to some fault in printing out. Due to the flexible directly affect the water-based ink printing factors on the quality of the corrugated board is more, also easy to cause printing fault caused the quality problem. Therefore, when troubleshooting, must according to the characteristics of equipment, materials, water-based ink, observation analysis, suit the remedy to the case to be ruled out.

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