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Corrugated board flexo printing prepress design considerations

by:WenJie     2020-04-16
First printing ink in the original design must pay attention to the accurate use of color. For flexo printing & packaging corrugated cardboard printing & packaging design, in terms of colour is applied, a creative out of quietly elegant, uninhibited, or sweet, or have a strong visual impact; Second, we must as far as possible reducing printing chromatic number, reduce the number of overprint. Overprint, the more the compressive strength of corrugated cardboard fell much more serious. Secondly pay attention to the application level of printing & packaging & packaging design style, some pursuit is concise and lively, have the pursuit of rich layers. Due to the flexible version of itself has high elasticity and easy to deformation, so the compression dot enlargement after more serious. In the process of plate making, 1% or 2% of the small outlets in your version easily lost global group, 3% of the branches in the process of printing tend to expand at around 10%, cannot be achieved by 0 100% of the gradient or level very downy effect. So flexo product can show the level of highlights and shadows area is relatively less, better product clearly highlights also can reproduce only 8% 10% of the network. In addition, in the image design, lines, text, colors, it is best to use vector software processing image or make some special effects, can use Photoshop, and other forms of pixels of the software.
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