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Commonly used corrugated carton printing process

by:WenJie     2020-04-15

corrugated carton is transportation and sales in the integration of logistics packaging container. Consumer appearance, environmental protection and the function of commodity packaging continuously put forward new requirements, make the carton industry through technical innovation constantly to meet the terminal market of foreign packaging quality and cost requirements.

only from the Angle of the printing process to seek for carton packaging industry, the domestic market can obtain perfect but not only beautiful, modest but not overly high quality printing & packaging. China's printing industry has a large man Roland, Heidelberg, global group offset press, including direct printing high quantitative ( More than 400 g/m2) Corrugated board of a new generation of printing machine, miniature and can meet the high quality, short version of the carton/box printing; With nearly 600 flexo printing machine, can satisfy the long version of the carton/box printing; Have many flexible printed version/gravure press, print quality is close to offset printing, also can satisfy large quantities of color printing box/box.


in addition to the micro corrugated carton can be used directly offset printing, general corrugated carton box all needs to use offset printing onlay system, the way the equipment is simple, complex, printing & packaging to the onlay processes between dry work time is long, Generally about 48 hours) ; process not environmental protection, process energy consumption is very large. The basic process is: the single face corrugated board production + offset printing paper & rarr; The framed joint into cardboard & rarr; Die cutting groove & rarr; Adhesive nail box, obtained the fine effect of offset printing cover the cartons at the expense of the cartons for the intensity, because across the cover on the paper and single corrugated cardboard onlay, corrugated compression deformation, can reduce 10% of the compressive strength of cartons, and also can't fully exert advantages corrugated automatic production line, can only play the role of semi-automatic. To compensate for the loss of intensity, cardboard quantitative is high, and industry for many years throughout the quantitative, high strength & low; Process.

only consider the printing effect, offset printing is still in the pyramid spire, up to 250 line/inch screen density far ahead of flexo, this is also the businesses has always adhere to the root cause of the offset printing & packaging. But in fact, the domestic some flexible printed version production line is up to 150 line/inch, visual effect and the offset printing. Carton is given priority to with transport function, commodity display function usually reflected in 1 m distance with consumer, the effect of flexo perfectly acceptable at this time. From the point of carton processing technology prospects, carton manufacturers more bullish on flexo printing directly.

flexo printing directly

the production process of corrugated cardboard production & rarr; Cardboard direct flexo & rarr; Die cutting groove & rarr; Sticking nailing.

abroad has been promoting flexo, for two reasons: one is the use of water-based ink flexo printing & packaging, more environmental protection; Second, followed by flexible printing processing, in speed, scrap rate is very low. Long after the flexographic printing is suitable for large quantity order printing, such as beer, beverage, food corrugated carton printing, and is suitable for small batch of short order printing, especially expensive the container of the large size of the computer, household appliances. After India's biggest advantage is can produce attachment, namely printing, glazing, die-cutting, slotting, sticky box, packing can be done on one machine. Only need to configure the new corrugated a cardboard-box factory and corrugated board production line and flexo machine can be put into production, and use offset printing and printed way requires multiple devices.

there is a certain degree of excessive packaging packaging market in China, hindered the flexo printing technology promotion. But there are still a lot of factors will promote the flexo printing technique in corrugated carton industry promotion.

( 1) Frequent revision or version products, such as holiday promotion, such as small bag packing printing batch miniaturization, directly on the corrugated paper board way of flexo printing has advantages of fast speed, low cost, good quality.

( 2) Brand awareness, corporate image design and group growing popularity, many multinational companies in China not only requires the print quality with the parent company is consistent, but also has requirements for printing way, this will undoubtedly promote the flexo packaging market.

( 3) Market towards the intensive, large-scale development, customer inventory reduction, more and more requirements can be directly use after packing to, flexo has faster response speed.

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